Why Everyone Needs A Cat

I know, some of you are going to be thinking, “I’m just not a cat person,” and that’s ok. You can think that. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion.  That being said, you are totally wrong.  There is no such thing, in my opinion, as a cat person and a dog person. Let’s stop using these labels, please!  Not all cats are the same and this is true for dogs as well. I had a dog, Angel, who lived to be about 17 years old. She was the absolute best dog anyone could have asked for. I’m pretty sure she would have killed and/or died for me. It broke my heart when she passed away. I had another dog, who was named Shakes and not by me, and he was a total jerkface, mean, little, annoying jerk.  Actually, I’ve had three cats in my life: Hootie, Oscar, and Chester.  To be honest, all of them have been good cats in their own way.  How could anyone say they hate cats?! That’s just saying you hate an animal, which I find impossible. I love all animals.

Now, with all that being said, I want to tell you why I think everyone needs a cat in their lives.  I’m going to share the experiences I’ve had with raising a cat, Chester, on my own and how this experience has changed my life for the better. This is all just from my personal experience and love for my little buddy.

Why you should introduce cats into your life:

  1. Cats are constant sources of entertainment and joy. In my household, K and I are always telling each other to “look” at what Chester is doing.  Sometimes, he’s not even really doing anything at all! Usually, he’s just sleeping in a funny way.      10417826_10202868514531596_642475675524027582_n10245574_10202633338772349_40320238327403687_n10433691_10203626485880406_6900499707230765826_n
  2. Cats are so eccentric! I think cats each have unique personalities and this is true for all the cats that I have had.  Chester does things that I’ve never seen other cats do. He is hilarious and strange at the same time. I wonder what’s going through his little kitty mind when he quietly steals my sleep mask and puts it in his water bowl.  I love how he basically owns our house and does whatever the heck he wants, such as walking through the files in an open drawer of my filing cabinet. The strange behavior is extremely endearing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    I busted Chester by taking a flash photo in the dark. He’s caught in the act of stealing my sleep mask.

    Doing what he does best, Chester is owning this house by smashing all things in his path.
  3. They can be such cuddle bugs. Now, it’s true, cats do not always like to be touched or held.  I read this is because their fur is very sensitive to touch. If they don’t want you petting them, they will let you know by bunny kicking your arm or just flipping around and nibbling you. Some cats do, however, like to be held sometimes and to cuddle, on their terms of course.  Chester and I have a morning cuddle. After he’s fed, he’ll follow me around and sit at my feet until I pick him up, and hold him against my face. He purrs up a storm, but I can only feel his purr. He doesn’t have an audible purr, which makes me sad sometimes, but I can still feel it when I put my face to his neck. He loves to cuddle with his daddy on the couch. There’s nothing better than a cat cuddle. 148293_10202082756448135_452912366_n 1601207_10202595007174083_1170314723232423454_n 10294427_10202756890661069_2339623904658764088_n
  4. Cats know when you are down and try to comfort you.  I’ve been very sad and Chester definitely knows this. My grandmother recently passed away and I was crying so much. Chester just came to me and sat on my lap. He didn’t struggle as I cried into him. He even looks sad when I’m sad. They are very receptive to human pain and emotion.
  5. He smells really good. As weird as this might seem, I love his warm, unique smell. I think it’s a mixture of household smells, but he smells soooo good. “Cat huffing” is a thing. 
  6. The cats I’ve had have been VERY intelligent. Chester is incredibly smart. I think all cats, if they are typically developing, have the capability to be very intelligent. In the wild, cats are solitary animals, which means they have to be clever at hunting and skilled at stalking prey. They are excellent problem solvers. While it is true that dogs have larger brains than cats, a cat’s brain has nearly twice as many neurons (~300 million) compared to a dog’s brain (~160 million). I’ve seen Chester do things that freak me out because they are so clever. Instead of drinking out of a water bowl, he will sit at our bathroom sink and meow loudly to tell us he wants us to turn on the faucet.  Instead of drinking out of his water bowl, he will use it to wash his paws after using the litter box. It’s his little sink. I am honestly not making this up. We’ve seen him do it literally hundreds of times. original
  7. Chester has made my life a lot happier. I actually know what it is to love unconditionally. There is literally nothing this little animal could do that would annoy me or make me angry or even gross me out. I don’t hold him to the same standards as I do people and why would I? He’s a cat. He’s precious in every way. I think K can say the same thing. We have something to take care of together and to love with all our hearts. K and I hardly fight anymore. Chester is a constant source of love.
  8. Cats, and all pets in my opinion, are good for the overall health of human beings. They are good for the mind and for lowering physical stress levels. I’m certainly less stressed and more at ease when I have my little baby kitty around. As someone with OCD, stress and anxiety are constant aspects in my life. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today without a loving, sweet little pet in my life.

You may not agree with any of these, but honestly, I don’t care! These are just my thoughts and experiences and I’m happy for having them.

Do you have any thoughts on cat ownership? I’d love to hear!


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91 thoughts on “Why Everyone Needs A Cat

  1. I was able to encourage my family to get two kittens from a shelter last year. It really helped them out a lot, and it’s helped me deal with my own issues as well. No cat I’ve ever been around has behaved the same way, which might be a reason why some people don’t like to take a chance on them. Still, cats are wonderful creatures, and I agree that most people might benefit from having one around.

    1. I’m so happy for you! Being able to adopt kittens is such a special gift. Thank you for supporting adoptions! I hope your fur-babies continue to bring happiness in your life 🙂

  2. Cats are literally the best. I don’t understand and am extremely wary of any person who says they don’t like cats. I honestly think I like my cats more than my fiance. No joke. Well, okay maybe the three of them are all tied for first, or something. 😉

  3. I love this and I agree with you 100%. I never realized how much cats brought to the picture until I got a cat. Now I have two – and although they are both cats, they couldn’t be more different! I don’t think I will ever be able to function without the silliness and love that a cat brings. Great post, love the pics!

    1. Every cat I’ve had has had different personalities. I just love that about the species. I know what you mean when you wouldn’t be able to function as well without them. Life would be just that more boring, in my opinion 🙂

  4. Agree 100%. Chester is very handsome and looks to be a constant source of entertainment as you mentioned. We haven’t watched a movie since July of last year because we have too much fun with our new kittens and other kitties.

  5. Those are all solid arguments 🙂

    I was a pet person but my wife isn’t and I never thought we’d have pets. But, my daughter wore her down and we got a cat last year. She doesn’t like to be pet, but is a good kitty. Then late last year we got another. She is a cuddler. We are quite happy with both.

  6. I have to agree with you! My cat is some what like a dog she’s always carrying things in her mouth and I’m always saying to my other half…ah look what’s she doing now! She brings so much entertainment and I would be so lost without her.

  7. It was such fun to read this! I totally agree with you. Smudge, our 2-yr old rescued kitty, is almost exactly the way you describe Chester. I can’t even imagine life without him around. He isn’t our first cat, but I’d say he’s the most lively, inquisitive and unpredictable. Which makes him tons of fun to watch and play with. You probably said this, but I think most cats don’t need a lot of fancy toys. They just need a mischief-rich surrounding so they can turn things into toys of the day or week! Thankfully, ours drinks from his water dish–and doesn’t use it to wash his paws. At least I haven’t seen it yet….

    1. Oh, you’d know! He never does it quietly and delicately. He’ll usually make a huge disaster with his water bowl. I’ve now separated his water and food bowl: one on each side of the kitchen. Otherwise, he will knock the water in his food and vise versa. I find pieces of litter in his water bowl all the time 😦

      1. OH! The litter is the clue…. Well, now. Smudge likes to play with his water bowl–making it spill onto the floor–his preferred source of water. I had to stop leaving a water bowl in my bathtub because his little paws were leaving prints all over the place! I love making a stink about it. And I also love the intensity of his pursuit of droplets of water outside his water bowl!

  8. I love this and I agree with you 100%. I never realized how much cats brought to the picture until I got a cat. Now I have two – and although they are both cats, they couldn’t be more different! I don’t think I will ever be able to function without the silliness and love that a cat brings. Great post, love the pics! By the way, I have a cat named Smudge too (re: post by Elouise)!

  9. I love my two cats (and my huge dog). 🙂 They bring me such joy. I got them both from different shelters, so it makes me happy that I made room for another cat at the shelter. And they both seem so happy to live in my apartment. They each have their special places and they both love my lap. 🙂 They definitely have their own personalities… I call them my little boys or my sweet men. All my animals are male. They bring such light to my life even when I am upset. And they add a good routine to my life. Wake up, feed them, the same at night. They chase each other and play when they aren’t sleeping on me.

    I am equally a dog person though. He helps me out so much with my bipolar disorder. He is big and honestly looks really scary so he makes me feel safe living alone. He is very protective of me but he is a huge sweetheart to me and to people he is used to. He naps with me and when I’m upset, a walk with him can change my mood. His outlook on life is contagious. And he loves the cats. 🙂

    1. I truly believe that pets can have a profound impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. I’m happy that you have your cats and dog to brighten your life that much more. I can imagine how comforting a big dog would be, especially when you feel afraid and alone. Cats are pretty much useless in the protection department 😉

  10. I know the sink trick all too well. My cats are obsessed with the bath tub. I know it’s because they want to know what the hell I do in there, but also because it’s a nice, clean space for them to explore and throw things into. How many times a day do I find toys in there? More than I care to admit.

    Cats that fetch are awesome and entertaining. Cats that truly believe they are human are the most intelligent of them all. They really watch us and then repeat our mannerisms. Unlocking doors is a constant “game” in my house. I often think they’ve multiplied and there are more than two roaming the place.

    I am 100% with you in their intuitiveness for our emotions. I’ve barely been left alone for the past few weeks as I’ve endured my own private hell. They’re either staring at me, staring at each other, and/or fighting for who gets the closest spot near me. I cannot leave the room without being stalked. Secretly, I think they believe I’m their baby. 🙂

    Love this post!

    1. Chester won’t bring back what he fetches, instead he’ll just roll over and start bunny-kicking whatever he has. Chester hasn’t done the doorknob thing, but my cat Oscar used to do it. I think it might be because we never use door handles in this house where he can really observe it. I’m sure if he could, he would. He’s incredibly smart. How are your two kitty babies doing?

      1. I think it depends on their mood. If there’s a lot of playfulness going on, I get brought every toy in the house, and many things that aren’t toys.

        They’re doing good. The little one is growing in leaps and bounds. There’s the beginnings of a little jealousy going on, but I don’t see how since they both get the exact same amounts of love, attention, etc. I have no idea how their minds work though, so I’m just taking it day by day.

  11. In my experience, and maybe because I’m a female, male cats are far sweeter than females. Unfortunately, these days I can’t hang out with cats since I’m allergic to their dander. Just simply passing the cat room at Petsmart or being in a vet’s office can cause breathing problems. However, my three Shih Tzu are more like cats than dogs. Does that count?

    1. I guess it depends on the demeanor of both the dogs and the cat. My sister has a dog and a cat and they seem to really be fine with each other. 🙂 It’s always a gamble though!

      1. I just remembered something now that I read your comment…

        When I was 18 and on the verge of moving for college, my mother got my dad a Siamese kitty. It was magnificent to look at. But it didn’t care for women, meaning my mom, sister, and me. But she adored my brother and dad. Whenever it was time for my dad to come home she promptly sat by the door he used. She was pretty funny. Sad though, she somehow became frightened by who knows what and before anyone could intervene she fled through a back door, never to be found or seen again.

        I’d forgotten until I talked to my mom about your post lol. Maybe when Duke, my Jack Russell, isn’t in his puppy stage we can think about a kitty then.

        Chester is super cute. You’re lucky to have such a sweet kitty.

      2. I think the strong personality is right, lol! Whenever his kitty was unhappy about something it would hide away in the house and not come out until my dad would come in. He didn’t like us girls, he was a “man’s kitty”!

  12. I love cats; that is not so true with dogs, though I am learning. Mostly, I won’t own a dog because they are more needy as far as care goes. My cat, Tamika, simply does her thing and let’s me know when I need to “help”.
    She is wonderful and does run most of the house. I only get cranky when she cries and whines every morning hours before I get up because she wants her 1tsp of real tuna. I have taken to trying to train her a bit. I yell at her when she cries in the morning, tell her “no”, then go back to bed. When it is closer to time to get up, if she is quiet, I get up, call to her, and give her the treat. She has several pounds of dry cat food in a delivery container. She’s not hungry. She wants her one treat. This morning, after the yelling “no”, I found her quietly waiting for me when I awoke, so I got up and gave her the treat.
    Here’s hoping,

    1. That’s mostly why I won’t own a dog either. I could see myself having one, but they are a lot more work than a cat. I like that cats basically just do their own thing and like you said, they ask when they need our help, which is actually not all that often! That’s so cute about Tamika’s treat. I know cats love their treats. Chester gets a duck oil treat in the morning for his coat and he will just sit and meow and stare at me until I wake up. They can be so funny!

  13. Our oldest cat, Pickle, also purrs silently. I love it. Next in line is Ninja, who will place a piece of food in the water dish to let me know he wants it changed. Third is Nuisance, who is the only one who can consistently jump on my husband, when he’s in bed, and not scare the living daylights out of him. Last in line is Duchess (we just got her last month)… she looks so similar to Chester, with the yellow-tinged brown on her belly… she loves her belly rubs, but only on her terms. Yes, most everyone should have a cat (except my poor sister, who is deathly allergic).

    1. I forget sometimes that not all cats quiet purr like Chester and it’s astonishing to me to hear one purring loudly! 🙂 Your cats all sound so unique. I’m sure they keep you all entertained and on your toes.

  14. My family has always needed to have at least one pet in the house for us to just all do better in any way. Although I don’t think we’ve ever had just one. It’s always been at least three. And one of those three is always a cat.

  15. Unfortunately i developed an allergy to cats but when i lived in England I adopted a half feral tom I called guinness. This cat hated everyone – except me. He was big too & would growl when anyone knocked at the door 🙂

    1. I actually do have a cat allergy too. I just really wanted a cat, so I started taking a daily allergy pill and I give him baths once a month, which help a lot. Guinness sounds like he meant a lot to you 🙂

      1. I adored that cat, I’m really not much of a people person to be honest with you so to have such a bond with him was lovely, I was heartbroken when he vanished.
        That’s not to say I feel any less for Rolo, he’s a proper cuddle bug which is great 🙂 in fact he’s sat on my knee trying to lick a layer of skin off my face as we speak lol

  16. My cat, who looks just like yours, starts licking the faucet in the kitchen sink, when the water level in one of her bowls is too low. She uses the bathroom sink to lie in while I’m in there. She follows me to every room that I go to, and she wakes me up in the morning by trying to lick my eyelids, if it’s late. Otherwise, she lies on the pillow above my head, purring quite loudly. The other morning, I opened my eyes, and she was sitting there, staring right into my face. Eerie.

    1. Amazingly, Chester has been trained by K not to go on the kitchen counters/sink. He has never been up there. It’s astonishing because he goes on the bathroom sink all the time. I think I would absolutely have a heart attack if Chester licked my eyelids. He used to sniff them when he was a kitten and I just couldn’t handle. It startled me so badly 🙂 He usually sits and stares at me from a distance in the morning too.

  17. Megan I think you are right “on the money” about cats and all animals, everyone would be better off with one! It’s funny you mentioned that you can’t hear Chester purr. My first cat Dennis who is still making us smile at about 18 yrs old is what we call a purr bucket, so loud! But a couple of years ago we found Jinxy aka Craig nosing around our garbage and then into our house. He is the sweetest baby ever but we didn’t think he purred until we felt him do it and now when we listen carefully we can hear him. They both love to cuddle and sleep with us almost every night. Their antics are epic and keep us both smiling. I so don’t understand the ‘oh im a dog person’ or ‘im just not a cat person’ thing makes me wonder about the person saying it. Hope your new year is going well and love your new pic, you are so beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much. That’s very sweet. I love your story about the contrasting purrs between your kitties. I’ve heard that purrs are like human voices, they are all unique to the cat. I’m not certain what makes it so that you can hear them loudly or not. I guess I should read into that more. It would be interesting 😉

  18. Chester looks a lot like my Shadow. She is a female and I have to say, she is the sweetest cat I have ever owned. Very personable, devoted, loves my companionship…so much so, she follows me everywhere I go. She is quite literally my shadow! 😀

    1. I think it’s something about the tabby personality. Every cat I’ve had has been a tabby and they’ve all been wonderful creatures, very intelligent and funny in their own ways. Then again, maybe it’s just how I see my cats 😀 Shadow sounds like a sweetheart.

  19. Naww I loved reading this , I felt like maybe I was weird for loving my little kitty so much, I even tell her I love her every day. She comes up to my window every morning and meow’s until I wake up and let her in for her breakie hehehehe and I don’t mind because I am just so happy she’s there every morning. When I get home from work she is always waiting for me, she will come running to greet me. Peachu
    is also a special cat like your Chester.

    1. You’re not weird at all! I tell Chester probably 600 times a day that I love him and that he’s a cutie wootie. I mean, what is a wootie even?! haha 🙂 Peachu is a cute name for a cat!

      1. hehehe I’m not alone and also, i love the way peachu smells, she is outdoor/indoor cat so her fur smells really earthy xx
        thanks and so delighted to have come across your blog x meow meow

  20. My best friend is my cat, she looks a lot like your Chester. She was abandoned at a store and came to me all beat up, at about the age of one month old. It took a year before she would let me pick her up, she still ain’t much on cuddles (that’s ok, I’m not either). My buddy will be 5 this year.

  21. I absolutely LOVE this post – I agree with every word. I don’t understand why anyone doesn’t like cats – they are everything you said, and their personalities are all so different and unique. Excellent post, thanks for sharing about precious Chester! He’s adorable. : )

  22. I have a friend who owns a beautiful cat, that cat’s name is Johnny. She influences me so much that now I find cats even cuter and interesting. The stories she tells me about Johnny are funny, and cuteness overload. I don’t mind cats at all and owning one would be a nice change. So then my (non-existent but possible in the future) cat can go on play dates with Johnny and other cats in the world. In Melbourne there’s a cat cafe. Plenty of cats to play with or you can bring your own to play with other cats 🙂

    1. They are such interesting creatures! I found that out 8 years ago when we got our first indoor cat. Now, my cat Chester, the first cat I’ve ever had while living on my own, is just the funnest, cutest little guy ever 🙂 I wish we had a cat cafe close by! Although, Chester could never go because he has FIV, basically he always has a dormant cold, and he’d infect the other cats 😦

      1. Is there a way to treat this (FIV) for cats? So cute to hear that Chester is a well-loved, cherished little guy! He’s a lucky little cat 🙂

      2. Oh no! I meant FHV, much milder than FIV (which is cat aids pretty much). Basically he will always have a dormant virus, but if he’s stressed he shows symptoms of a cold. He’s totally fine on his own though 🙂

  23. So, I’ve read. I’ve digested. I’ve stared at the photos. I WAAAANT OOONNNEEE.

    I need an animal in my life. Be it a cat or a dog. Just something to cuddle and have fun with. Thank you. You’ve made the decision for me. At some point, I AM owing a pet.

    1. Pets are wonderful to have around 😀 I’ve had quite a few in my lifetime, but Chester is the first I’ve adopted and raised on my own. He’s so special to me. You need that kind of bond in your life 🙂

  24. my cay seymour is doing better he got sick and i was worried. he had an xray no serious problems prob just a urinary tract infection. i am sick myself the one positive of being sick gives me more time to play with seymour.

      1. Yea they gave him some pills too to help with any pain he is having so he has all the pain medication if he is still feeling pain from the surgery he had a little while ago.

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