[Review] Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce BB Cream

This is where I get ready in the morning. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂 It’s not a vanity, but a weird, black glass table I took from my dad’s house. I think it’s pretty unique and I love it and wanted to share a bit about my everyday life through this picture 🙂

On another note, today was so gorgeous! It was a remarkable 56 degrees F and I enjoyed it as much as possible. K and I both washed our cars. I even took Chester out for his first “walk” of the year. I only put him down for the picture, but held him the rest of the time because the ground was covered in salt in most places.  Plus, I think he was having sensory overload and was kind of freaking, but the fresh air and sunshine was good for all of us.  Not to mention, I worked out for an hour this morning and bought yarn to make a baby blanket for a friend’s baby shower coming up. Here’s Chester on his first walk of the year:


He’s such a pretty boy.

I’ve decided to start writing more product reviews. I have too many products not to share my thoughts on them.  Today, I’m going to review the Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce Royal BB Cream.  Quite a name, right?!  🙂 Here’s what the bottle looks like:



The packaging is a bit different from what you’d normally expect from Etude House, not the normal pink and cutesy packaging, which don’t get me wrong, I love.  I think they are targeting older customers with this line.  The bottle is a bit smaller than other BB creams I’ve used and it feels like there’s really not that much in the bottle.  The pump is a nice, hygienic feature though and allows you to get just the right amount out.


Normally, I wouldn’t discuss smell, but this product does have a scent and not a bad one!  Because this BB cream is made with immortelle and royal jelly, both ingredients believed to have anti-aging benefits, it has a slight scent which reminds me faintly of old-timey hand salve. I think it’s the immortelle essence and I actually really love the smell.


The consistency of the TAR BB cream is just like I’d expect from Korean BB creams. It is quite thick, but very bendable.



The colors are limited. Like most BB creams, this one only comes in two shades: a lighter version and a darker version. I got the lighter version and it seems to start off dark, but blends nicely to match my skin tone.


 The coverage of this BB cream is really nice. I don’t think it has as good of coverage as my last BB cream, which was made by a brand called Hanskin.  I think it’s a little thinner in consistency than the Hanskin BB cream, so that is why I think it doesn’t cover as well. It does well to cover blemishes and some of my excessive freckling though.


The price of this BB cream is higher than American drugstore BB creams, but about right for Korean BB creams. You can buy it directly from the Etude House global site for $20 (not including shipping) or you can find it at Jolse.com for $20.23 with free shipping. I’m sure it’s sold elsewhere, but these are the places I’d buy it from. I haven’t checked eBay, but I’m sure you can buy it there for cheaper.  I buy a lot of Korean beauty products from eBay for less than I would at other online retailers.

My Take:

Overall, I really like this BB cream. I would recommend it and like it better than the cheaper Etude House BB’s I’ve tried in the past.  I give the Etude House TAR BB Cream a 4.5/5 stars!



I was in no way endorsed or sponsored by Etude House to write this review. These comments are mine and mine alone.


14 thoughts on “[Review] Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce BB Cream

    1. Thank you! I have pretty dry skin naturally and it just sucks up moisture. I really like getting that dewy effect and actually use products to amplify it, but I can imagine if you would not want to emphasize oiliness. Korean BB creams can definitely give that dewey look 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty lame that it only comes in two shades. I guess they are catering to a homogeneous culture, but this is becoming a global brand, so they need to venture out more.

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