If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself…

I’m spending the day at home with my cuddle bug 🙂 I was so happy to be finally getting into shape and working out. I still am proud of myself for not giving up after two weeks.  I’ve been eating healthy and making an effort to get exercise in my routine daily. I feel really good! I should say, I felt really good. Sunday was the lower body workout. I thought, “Oh this should be easy. Those ab workouts are killer. I could use a break.”  I proceeded with the lower body exercises, which included calf workouts. For the calf workouts, I had to use weights, according to the Blogilates coach, so I grabbed my 8 lb. weights. She was using 12 lbs, so I thought 8 lbs would be just right for me. Well, I did the calf raises and toward the end, I was super, super sore. I always like feeling a bit sore after a workout because that makes me think that I’ve done something right.  I like the burn! There is a limit to this good painful feeling. Yesterday, I was beyond sore. It was more like a sharp pain. I was hobbling around embarrassingly all day at work. When I got home and changed out of my work pants, I found that my left calf was swollen and hard (that’s what she said). I was in so much pain. I took two ibuprofen, applied compression bands on both calves, and elevated them while laying on the couch. We don’t have an ice maker and I had to put water in the trays because we rarely use ice, so that part of the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) equation was missing. Today my legs are not swollen, but the pain is still pretty bad, so I stayed home. I need to just be off my feet for a day. I hate this 😦 If you have started Blogilates, beware of the calf workout in week 2! It’s literally a pain. I would suggest using no weights at first and definitely stretch a lot before and after to avoid this catastrophe. You know what they say, if you can’t laugh at yourself… I am laughing actually because this kind of thing only happens to me. Megan


15 thoughts on “If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself…

  1. My cousin always asks me why I post embarrassing stuff about myself. I said, “Hey, if I think it’s funny, other people will think it’s hilarious, and I may as well give someone a laugh.” 🙂 Hope you start feeling better.

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