[Review] LensCircle Circle Lenses

This is going to be an interesting review 🙂 I received a free pair of circle lenses from LensCircle in exchange for writing an honest review on my blog. I have actually always wanted to try circle lenses because I wanted to see what effect they would have when I wore them.

 I’ve seen Youtube videos of before and after circle lenses and I think they look really cool. Circle lenses are really popular in Korea, Japan, and other East Asian countries.  The particular lenses I chose were made in Korea, which is where the majority of quality circle lenses are made today.  I will be totally honest, be leery of circle lenses made anywhere else other than Korea or Japan. Here’s a site to help you in determining real or fake lenses.  Mine were 100% authentic, so good news there!

LensCircle let me pick any one pair of lenses that I wanted.  Since my vision is so poor, I wanted to get prescription lenses, so that I could wear them without glasses on top. I feel like that would ruin the look I’m wanting. LensCircle has a huge inventory or circle lenses and a pretty good selection of prescription lenses. I really wanted to get the largest lenses that I could, so I chose the Grey Super Angel Circle Lenses.  These were one of the widest ones in the prescription section and, according to the company, one of their most popular lenses.  They have prescriptions from 0.00 to -6.00, which was impressive to me. I asked for a -5.00 for each eye and that’s what they sent me in this lens selection. They sent me the pair of lenses in these glass vials, which were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, the case, cowhide print pouch, and all the care information I could need.  Here’s what everything looked like minus the glass vials because I threw them away after opening them:


It’s a nice little kit for my first pair of circle lenses.  Alright, now on to the review of the actual lenses. I tried to include categories that I thought would be relevant to lens wearing and to these particular type of lenses.


This was probably the part I was most worried about because I have really poor vision and my contacts are pretty strong, but I am happy to say that the prescription for me was spot on. The -5.00 was true to my regular prescription, so I did not have any prescription vision related problems.


Here’s the second thing I was most worried about.  I wear contacts nearly daily and I have a slight astigmatism, so contacts can range in comfort for me. I was worried because circle lenses are more for aesthetics rather than comfort.  They are not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be.  However, they are not something I could wear every day all day. I could probably handle them for short periods of time.  They also don’t allow for a lot of moisture retention, so I had a dry eye feeling when wearing them.  Another thing I wasn’t really considering before wearing these, but became apparent after wearing them, is that the colored part of the lens can creep up into your vision as the contacts naturally move on your eye.  That kind of weirded me out a bit and I had to keep reminding myself that that’s what was happening and that something was not in my eye.


I am really surprised that you only get one pair of lenses for about $30.00. I get 4 pairs of my regular prescription lenses, which are much more comfortable and of higher quality, for just less than $20.00.  These lenses could easily be torn or damaged by someone who is not used to wearing contact lenses or who is just wearing these circle lenses and doesn’t even wear contacts ever.  I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was in the sixth grade, so I am pretty much a pro at using them. These aren’t highly durable and require a very gentle touch when handling them.


This is the aspect of these lenses that I was looking forward to the most. I really wanted to see what circle lenses look like on me.  Here’s a picture of me with only one lens in.  See the difference?


I’m not a huge fan of this pic, but wanted you to get the before and after effect.  Here are some pictures with both of them in:


They definitely make my eyes appear larger.  In retrospect, I wish I had gotten a brighter color, like blue or green or even a light brown. The grey almost have a black effect on my eyes.  In brighter lighting, I’m sure you can see the grey better, but my house is a bit dark, so it gives my eyes a darker effect.  I still think it looks pretty cool.

I do like K’s comments though.  He so lovingly said that I “look like one of the demons from Supernatural.”  🙂 I actually totally agree with this statement.  I kind of like the creepy look of them 😉 I wanna wear them when we go out to eat next weekend to see how people react. I bet I’ll get looks.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this review and with wearing these lenses, even though they aren’t the most comfortable lenses in the world.  I can’t compare them to other circle lens brands because these are the only ones I’ve ever tried.

I give these LensCircle lenses a 3.5/5! 🙂

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The Grey Super Angel Circle Lens


30 thoughts on “[Review] LensCircle Circle Lenses

    1. I know 🙂 I rarely look the same in one picture from the other. It’s probably because I have such a strange, dimensional face 😀 I wanna wear them outside and scare children… haha

  1. They look incredible on you Megan! ❤ I've always wanted to try circle lenses too but I've been scared to order them online because I've heard some horror stories about them! 😦

    1. Haha, thank you 🙂 Don’t be scared! LensCircle is pretty reputable and just buy from those made in Korea or Japan, never China. The main brand of circle lenses are GEO. I should’ve mentioned that. They aren’t the most comfortable things to wear though!

      1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I remember reading about some horrible cases of people going blind but I knew I didn’t want to go into an actual optometrist because it would be so much more expensive than purchasing online LOL. Thank you for the tip! I’m beyond curious to see how I look with them on! :O I’ll definitely look into GEO! How long do you wear them for before they get uncomfortable? :O

      2. Good question. Like I said, I do have astigmatism, so contacts not made for astigmatism tend to always be uncomfortable. That being said, these contacts were acceptably comfortable for me, but not totally comfortable. I would recommend them to someone without astigmatism. 🙂

      3. Oh, I see now! I don’t have astigmatism so I hope they won’t be too uncomfortable! 🙂 I probably wouldn’t be wearing them for really really long periods of time so I think it’d be alright! Thank you for the information! 🙂

    1. Thank you! There really aren’t any special care instructions that differ from normal wear contacts. You can use your regular multi-purpose solution with them. They do come in a strong solution in the vial and you do not want this in your eyes. The instructions say to store the contacts in your regular multi-pupose solution for 6-8 hours prior to wearing them for the first time. 🙂 Hope this helps!
      Have you decided on what lenses you are going to get?

  2. Your eyes definitely look larger with circle lens. I’ve been using circle lens forever. I’m.not a fan of using glasses and my eyesight is bad but rather than using contacts, I chose circle lenses instead. I use B-Eyes, a brand from Korea, and the lenses felt very easy in my eyes. I never experience the case of having the colored lenses obscuring my sight ever. So it was odd to hear it from you. Compared to any lenses I tried (Exoticon, Exsis, Geo), B Eyes felt very comfortable. And it’s not that expensive either just around $20 or even less.

    1. These contact lenses are GEO, which is something I forgot to mention in the review. As I mentioned, I do have astigmatism of the eye, so my contacts tend to move. You may or may not have the same problems as me because everyone’s eyes are different. I can’t wear them long because they are not fit for eyes with astigmatism. I imagine if you do not have astigmatism that they would be good enough to wear 🙂 I wouldn’t wear these contacts everyday because I can tell they are not as high of quality as my everyday contacts, but what doesn’t work for me may work for you 🙂

  3. I’m sure this review helped some of the girls thinking of wearing them, glad you made the point to make sure where they get them cause some of them are really cheap and can hurt eyes.
    They look cute on you honey, have fun wearing them.

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