My Korean Makeup Collection

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am drawn to Korean skincare and Korean makeup. I find K-beauty products to be of much higher quality than American drugstore brands and even some luxury brands.  I’m much more willing to pay for Korean makeup and skincare because I know I am paying for quality and I’m getting the look I want. I took out all of my Korean makeup and I’m pretty sure what you see above is the only actual makeup items that I have. I have way more skincare items, which I should post about at another time.  I actually have many more high-end American brands, but I want to expand my Korean makeup collection.  I just bought the Etude House Face Blur, so I hope to review that for you soon enough.

My favorite makeup items, regardless of brand or country of origin, are eyeshadows. I love eyeshadow because it is so versatile and can really make an outfit pop. I have just about every color under the rainbow, except for blue. I actually don’t have any blue eyeshadow now that I’m thinking about it…

Some of what you see above are things I’ve already discussed (i.e. Etude House Magic Any Cushion, Etude House TAR BB Cream, Skinfood’s Salmon Dark Circle Concealer, Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer, Tony Moly Bbo Bbo lip balm).  I want to introduce to you the other products in the picture and give you a short take on each.

First up are my Etude House Look at My Eyes shadows in Fresh Jamong and RD301.

These are two of my favorite shadows in all of my collection. I kind of even like them better than my UD Naked3 palette. They are both unique and quite pigmented. You can really build the pigment of these shadows, which I love. I always get compliments whenever I wear either 🙂 Out of the two though, I’d have to say that the Orange Jamong is my favorite. Orange shadows are pretty difficult to find and this is the perfect shade for me.


I really like how these come packaged too. In my opinion, they definitely reflect the whimsy and playfulness of Etude House. The heart imprinting is just precious. I almost hate when I mess it up while using it. 😀

Here’s a swatch of both shadows:


Next, let me introduce you to my eyeliner collection.


The four similar looking ones (black, pink, gold, and silver) are by Holika Holika and they are the Waterproof Jewel Light Eyeliners.  These are honestly the best liners I’ve ever used.  I’ve purchased all of them from this eBay seller because the price is great and the shipping is careful and quick. The liners are so smooth and apply so easily. If you are wondering how to sharpen them, just an FYI, they are regular pencils and you just sharpen them with a regular eyeliner sharpener 🙂 I had to Google this because they look plastic, but they’re not.

The white liner is by Etude House and it is their Styling Eyeliner in #2, white.  This is a great eyeliner without shimmer, so I wear it quite often with a number of different shadows.

As you may have noticed, I have a lot of non-black or brown liners. I really do not like wearing black or brown. I think it washes out my features and the tear liners (aka, the non-black liners above) are so beautiful and unique. I just love each of these liners for what they add to a makeup look.

Here are the swatches of each. As you can see, they are all nicely pigmented.


The first is the Etude House Styling liner, and the last 4 are the Holika Holika liners.

Now, onto my favorite blush. I am also an avid blush collector. I must have like 5 or 6 blushes in my possession right now, but this is probably my favorite. This is the Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blusher in #2 Coral.  The case is precious:


And so is in the inside.


Some of the reviews for this blush on Amazon say that the puff is useless. I disagree with this. You just have to twist it to get the product on, then gently use it to add the blush to your face. I quite love the little puff. 🙂

Finally, these are my two lip products from Etude House. These are two of their most popular lip products. The one on the left is the Etude House Cherry Tint in PK002 and the other is the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips in one of the orange tints. I couldn’t find the exact one because Jolse doesn’t sell it anymore I guess 😦  These are both really cute lip products. I do like each differently and they help me to get that playful and carefree look I sometimes go for.


I hate to judge these products by their packaging, but these containers are pretty darn cute, which is expected of Etude House.  Here are the swatches of both:


The consistency of these are different because one is a tint and the other a lipstick. I prefer lipgloss, so I kind of tend to wear these two products on special occasions rather than for everyday. As you can see, I got another orange/coral color. I just love that color of me 🙂

Those are the rest of my Korean makeup products. I would love to introduce more to you all and beauty products if you have questions.  Here are the links to my favorite online stores and eBay sellers who sell Korean beauty products: (my favorite! I’ve gotten so much from them and they give you lots of samples). Jolse also has an eBay page: jolse_cosmetics

Ebay Sellers I like:

Be leery of some eBay sellers. Only buy from reputable sellers and mostly those from Korea or even reputable ones in the US. Authentic products typically do not come from China, FYI.

Finally, you can always buy Korean makeup on Amazon!  These are just some of my favorite places to buy products.

Do you have any questions? Would you like me to discuss any certain brands? What are your favorite brands and/or products? Let me know in the comments below!



55 thoughts on “My Korean Makeup Collection

  1. Jolse is also where I buy my korean cosmetics & skin care products 😊 waiting for the delivery can be really dragging though. But then again I love how generous they are with samples! 💛

  2. Ah another Korean makeup fan! I love Skin79’s BB creams. I first switched to Korean products because I’m too pale for American drugstore makeup. If I put on “Snow White Color 0000” from Covergirl or something, I turn into a tangerine. Do you like experimenting with unnatural colors? I had a friend who bought the purple Etude House blush and really loved it!

    1. I’m very fair as well and I never have liked regular foundation. I agree, it does tend to be on the orange side. I like BB cream much better, probably because of the better coverage and that it actually has some skin benefit. I’ve never tried Skin79, but I’ve heard good things about the brand. The only unnatural colors I try would be with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. I would definitely be open to trying some of the pastel cream blush I’ve seen by Etude House and the Face Shop 🙂

    1. I definitely recommend trying Etude House! I was hooked immediately. The packaging is precious. I actually have a mirror and makeup bag from Etude House as well and they are probably the two cutest things I own 🙂

      1. All of the links I posted are from reputable dealers. If you do have any questions about specific items, I can help you in determining authenticity. Generally, if they ship from Korea, then it is real 🙂

  3. Have you tried Memebox US? I love their Korean beauty boxes!! My favorite Korean Skincare line is by Dr Jart+ but I have such a soft spot for Tony Moly because of their adorable packaging! 🙂 Laniege is great too and you can buy it at some Target stores.

    1. I have never tried Memebox, but I definitely know what it is. I try to limit my buying to a few or singular items at a time, which is why I haven’t gone for a Memebox yet, but I’ve certainly been tempted! 🙂 I’m glad Dr. Jart+ has been brought to Sephora and we do have Laneige at our Target. I just love that!

  4. This is great Megan! Where I live we don’t get Korean make up brands and I’d have to rely on my trips back home or friends who travel to Korea to get them for me. I’ve never bought them on eBay before simply because I was not sure which sellers would be reliable. Thanks for the tips, I can get my K-make up soon now yay!! 😀

    1. The only place I know that actual sells Korean beauty products is 4 hours from here in Chicago. Sad 😦 so I usually buy online or wait until my boyfriend makes a trip back home and brings me things. I’m glad I was able to be of some help in your search!

  5. That’s such an amazing collection! I’ve dabbled in the skincare but need to check out Korean makeup too now 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing! I use to buy a lot of Korean beauty products when I worked near a Korean beauty store and the products never ever disappointed. You really get more than what you pay for. I especially love the cute free samples!

      1. Hadn’t heard of the jelly one! Will look into it 🙂 I’ve tried the ‘watery’ one so far and it’s quite good! Very good price and it has a very good coverage too. It’s just a little bit light for me but I fix that with powder. Want to try the others as the consistency and shades are all different.

  7. Great post, Megan! I love that you love Korean makeup. I only used two bb creams that weren’t anything like the American bb creams. Way more coverage yet natural looking. I had to stop using them bc my derma said to only use oil free makeup and most bb creams aren’t “oil free” the ones I used to use anyway! I miss using them though!

  8. I love this post! The Face Shop is one of my favorite skincare shops – I mostly just use their facial and under eye masks. I am definitely going to branch out and try some more Korean beauty items in the future. The only thing that’s been keeping me back is the fact that there are so many awesome BB/CC creams available, but only very few for my skintone and I don’t want to go through the fuss of ordering a bunch and sending the ones that don’t match back. 😦

    xx Nubiana

    1. The Face Shop has some wonderful products! I am currently using a couple of them and have been very satisfied 🙂 There are a lot of BB/CC creams available, but like you said, they come in very limited shades 😦 Hopefully as Korean brands branch out more they will provide less limiting shades.

  9. Great collection 🙂 I have tried some Korean beauty brands and makeup and love them, but it’s just such a hassle to get ahold of it for me (having to go through eBay and such).The Face Shop blush looks super cute!

  10. Hi Megan

    Wow, I’m really surprised on the comparison between Korean and other beauty products! Especially when you preferred them over the UD Naked3. Whoa! Now that’s unexpected. I agree that Etude House does make cute and fun colours that create a fresh youthful look 🙂 Love their Look At My Eyes shadows too. Just a small heads-up though, I’ve used some of their palettes and the quality isn’t comparable to the singles (e.g. X’mas palette was very chunky and not pretty 😦 ).

    Great collection 🙂 Now you’ve tempted me to go shopping~

    1. I honestly do like the Etude House singles better than some of the shades in my UD Naked 3 palette, not all, but definitely some of them. Thanks for the suggestion on the EH palette!

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