Struggling with Laziness

I have spent a lot of time sitting on my couch lately. I have finally found some time to pick up my crochet hook and start crafting again. I am really, really excited and proud to say that I am working on my very own Amigurumi pattern!

The picture above is a little hint to what it is. Does anyone have a guess? I’m hoping to debut it within the next couple of weeks and I’m really hoping to see if anyone will create something based on my pattern!

Can anyone guess what it is?

I’d love to hear your guesses! There’s not much to it right now, but if you could guess, well virtual high five for you! FYI, within the next month or so, I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog. You will have the chance to win your very own set of crochet hooks, a case, and other awesome crochet accessories 🙂 I’ll give you more info when the time comes!

It is so freakin difficult for me to find motivation to move, exercise, do anything sometimes. I don’t remember ever being like this when I was younger. I attribute most of this to taking antidepressants, which can really sloooow a person down. Sometimes, an entire day goes by and I realize I haven’t moved from a sitting position. That makes me super upset and I feel even worse.

I was doing so, so well with working out daily and watching what I eat. I was getting in shape, I had abs! Well, I haven’t unrolled my yoga mat in over two weeks now. Any small change in my life, like an argument with someone or some small stressor (e.g. taxes, finances, car problems) will set me back. I had a slightly stressful experience a few weeks ago and I totally lost all motivation to work out and eat well. I just don’t care what I’m eating now and really could care less about exercise. Working for 8 hours each day leaves hardly any time for the things I want to do in the evening, especially since I get tired at exactly 11:30 pm every night, which might seem late to some, but not really for me.  Time flies and I am not having that much fun.

Tonight, I’m going to do some kind of workout. I have to get back to healthy. ALL 4 of my grandparents had heart problems. My maternal grandmother passed away last year from congestive heart failure. Seeing her suffer and in pain for years should be enough to motivate me.

I’m promising myself right now in front of the world that I will exercise somehow tonight. 🙂

On another note, tomorrow will be the first of a few giveaways I will be hosting on my blog throughout the coming months! It’s not a huge giveaway, but I’m happy nevertheless to be able to give you all the chance to receive something for your loyalty and kindness in following my humble little blog.

Thanks, as always, for reading 🙂


36 thoughts on “Struggling with Laziness

  1. Yay, a fellow crafter! I knit! I used to crochet when I was a kid but I’ve since forgotten how to.
    My guess for your Amigurumi pattern is a bunny! At first I was going to say a snowman but I think a bunny is more relevant for this time of the year. Am I right?
    Good for you for getting more motivated to start back up with activities – I think it’s just shaking off the winter fatigue and getting back to being active.

    1. Well, it’s definitely an animal! You got that part right 🙂 I’ll post more clues as it gets more developed. I’ve tried knitting and couldn’t get the hang of it. I should give it another try 🙂

  2. I have no idea what pattern you are working on but I can’t wait to see the finished results. I’m just like you when it comes to exercise and eating. One tiny stressor can throw me all off.

  3. You are probably not as lazy as you think. You work eight hours a day, you crochet and even invent patterns (I can’t even follow a pattern; I know one stitch). None of us does all that we would like to do, so don’t beat yourself up. Just try to add things as you can. Exercise is of course a very good idea. Remember, it snowballs. Once you start you can keep going. But listen to me talk like I know something. I’m a lazy bum myself, sitting here reading blogs and writing long-winded comments instead of doing something off my long to-do list!

  4. I know that has to be hard. Anti-depressants can be iffy sometimes. Have you been on these long? I’m just wondering if maybe switching might help to improve your mood. My friend went through fives different ones until she got on her current one, which works great for her now.

    1. I’ve been on them 3 years now. Sertraline is one of the few drugs used to treat OCD symptoms and it’s not all that bad. If I were taking them for depression, I’d probably look around.

  5. Hey… Thanks for the like on my recent post! Very cool about the Amigurumi… I have yet to try to make on. I am going to guess either a cat or a bunny.

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Amigurumi is my favorite. I’ve made many things so far and finally decided to try my hand at a pattern of my own. A cat or bunny are both good guesses! The thing is so random, I doubt anyone will guess it 🙂

  6. Its so so hard to get up and exercise! I’m struggling with motivation too. I hope your doing a little bit better now. Baby steps…

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