Pros & Cons Tag

Is that not the absolute sweetest boy cat? He’s so precious. He loves taking naps with his daddy and me. Yes, I refer to us as his mommy and daddy. He probably doesn’t, but oh well. I love those floppy paws!

A short while ago, I wrote a post about the “Pros and Cons of Being Me.”  I think writing posts like this every now and then is good to feel closer to my audience and to get to know myself a bit more. I don’t always think about ways I can improve myself or ways in which I’m excelling. It’s good to take inventory sometimes and to reassess how we are living.

I want to right now establish a “Pros & Cons” tag post.  The “rules,” more like guidelines, of this post are very simple:

1. Write a list of things you think are “pros” about yourself. 

2. Write a list of things you think are “cons” about yourself.

3. Post and share! If you’d like to link back to this post, that’s cool too, but I’m not saying that’s necessary. 

The lists can be any length that you see fit. I would honestly love to read your responses and would like to later write a post to link back to anyone who wants me to to the “Pros & Cons” tag post they’ve written.

I think this could be a lot of fun and a way to bring our blogging community closer 🙂

I hope you’ll consider writing this tag post!

Thanks for reading friends.



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49 thoughts on “Pros & Cons Tag

  1. Hi Megan, It has been such a long time you probably don’t remember me. your post came up on my reader. your cat is what jogged my memory. It’s like the last I heard from you, you and your dude were doing a road trip. .You look liken you are doing well. And glad to see you are still writing…nick

      1. Cool I wasn’t sure it’s been a few since we last talked. Things are good here. Enjoying the spring weather.80 degrees and it has been cooling down at night. AS you can see I’m still bloggingI have had to start looking for work . The place I was at after 3 years with them decided they no longer needed my services. Sort of like setting an old horse out to pasture. A bit of a disappointment and a minor set back.I have been entertaining the thought of doing the blogging full time. IT would be great if I could generate enough cash to cover my bills as long as it didn’t interfere with my writing. My freedom to write take priority over money. WE will see how that pans out.

        So all is well with with you I hope? I know we are all busy, but I just wanted to say you are welcome any time . i would love to hear a word from you every now and again. Take care.nick

      2. Sorry Megan if it has taken me a long time to reply or maybe I already replied. My head is spinning I am in the middle of trying to get new web site set up and it is really being a bitch .. pardon my french. I am so frustrated and broke. anyway I told myself I wasn’t going to dump on any one so I’ll Just say have a nice day and will be back in a few from my brand new blog home . I’m excited although I wish some one would at least light a match at the end of this dark tunnel. . If you know anyone with web site developing knowledge send them my way.

      3. Hi Megan thanks for the advice for web creator. Maybe I can use them in the future. I think for now I am up and running . Well maybe not running . But at least we are walking forward.. My main concern at the moment is I don’t want to lose touch with any of the ones I am following or the ones following me. It appears both sites are connected . so I am up for a slow smooth migration. That would be ideal. Then I can get back to the business at hand. And do some writing.

        Well the other news Mocha , The pregnant mama cat I mentioned a while back. Hasn’t had her kittens yet. She is getting so big. I’ve built her a little nest. I call it the bat cave.It’s dark enough space Padded. I have this funny feeling she is going to have them where she wants.I will be posting up dates and with any kind of luck I will get the whole birth thing on video.. nick

      4. You’re very welcome 🙂 Whatever I can do to help.

        Has Mocha had her babies yet? I absolutely love kittens, but that’s an obvious statement!

  2. Adorable cat. My cat Sid sends him sincere meows. My hubby and I also count ourselves as his mama and papa. Sometimes the looks he gives me makes me wonder what he really thinks.

    1. Sometimes Chester looks at me with huge eyes and I melt, but other times, he is almost glaring, and it’s looks like he’s thinking I’m an imbecile. I guess we’ll never truly know 🙂

  3. This sounds like a great idea. I will have to do one for next week as I’ve used up my two free-post slots on my blog schedule this week. 😦 I got distracted by the horror of multicolored bunnies. xx

  4. This tag seems cool! Anything to reflect on one’s behaviour I love! The giveaway price is gorgeous, but I’m all the way in South Africa!

    Also, I’m just taking a moment to say hello, as I’m always on your blog but hardly say anything. I really like your blog!

  5. Hey Meghan I posted on my wordpress my first full book I wrote in 2001 when recovering from getting diagnosed Bipolar at age 16. It’s my life story up to age sixteen. It’s an interesting read and without I would never be here writing to you now. Fifteen years later I say I achieved a lot of great stuff graduating college, writing almost 500 stories and many other books and writings. The book is 400 pages so you might just want to read a little.

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