Northwestern University’s #BreakTheStigma Campaign

I was very honored to be asked to post about this today.  Megan (not me another Megan) with Northwestern University are promoting a campaign called #BreakTheStigma Campaign for May’s Mental Health Month.  The following is a bit about the campaign that Megan has asked me to post:

“How Do You #BreakTheStigma Around Mental Illness

May is Mental Health Month, and Mental Health America (MHA) is celebrating 65 years of Mental Health Month observances with the launch of their B4Stage4 campaign that urges the public to address the first signs of mental illness rather than waiting until “Stage 4,” when symptoms are more severe. In support of MHA’s initiative, we invite you to participate in Counseling@Northwestern’s #BreakTheStigma campaign to address a significant barrier that prevents individuals from seeking help in the early stages: social stigmas. According to NAMI, in the United States alone, 1 in 5 adults experiences a mental health issue. Negative attitudes and stereotypical beliefs about mental illnesses are all too common and can deter individuals from seeking proper treatment. We want to know how YOU are raising awareness around mental illness and effectively eliminating these stereotypes. Start a dialogue on your favorite social media channel and share how you #BreakTheStigma today!”

What can you do to spread awareness? If you are or have done anything, I’d love to hear!  Please share with me below.

So, to all of my followers, let’s work together and raise mental illness awareness.  Spread the word and #BreakTheStigma with me!




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