I Have a Temper

Before I get into this post, I wanted to let you all know that I was very honored to be interviewed by Out of the Darkness. This article is so well-written and I’m humbled to have been asked to participate.  Check out my feature here.

I was still feeling a lot of pain from when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, but that was almost a month ago, so I thought it was a bit strange. I called the oral surgeon and they fit me in yesterday afternoon.  Of course, I had an infection and my sockets (terrible, creepy word for holes where my teeth were) were not healing properly. He said it was “delayed healing” and a “slight infection.”  I am not sure what caused it, but that’s life. I’m not on antibiotics and using an antibacterial rinse that I have to spray into the sockets.

One thing you don’t know about me is that I have a temper.

I came into work early today because I dropped my car off at the dealership to get an oil change and K brought me to work early.  My jaw/face is sore from the infection and I just don’t feel good in general.  I made a mistake at work and was told about it. Normally, this wouldn’t get me that irritated, slightly yes, but not greatly. I guess it was me being tired and not feeling good that led me to snap at a coworker and shake in anger after being told something that I should’ve been doing, although it had never been told to me before. I get so mad at things so quickly.  I know it’s not worth the anxiety, but I still get worked up.

My mom says I get my temper from my dad’s side of the family. Maybe she’s right. Anyway, you don’t wanna mess with me 🙂

Do you have a temper? What are your thoughts on dealing with this?




38 thoughts on “I Have a Temper

  1. Sorry to hear about the infection. I hope you feel better real soon. I think it was alright to get upset at work that is a lot of stress and in pain it’s easy to get upset. Good to know you have a temper. I kind of have one because I am very very laid back and easy going it takes a lot to get me mad but when you do watch out. It’s hard to say because I usually don’t get that mad unless someone is really going to lengths to get on my nerves and bother me.

  2. I can have a nasty temper, though it’s gotten better within the last few years. The only thing that (sometimes) works is to ask yourself what good getting angry can do. That’s not to say that anger isn’t helpful; suppressing it can’t do much good if you suppress too often. I choose my battles, but it must suck to be on the other side of when I let the pressure valve loose a little.

    I’m guessing since you are coping with anxiety that you’ve learned some good techniques. If it’s bothering you, you can always apologize. I’d not lose any sleep over it, though. If you need a good outlet though, I can forward you the contact info for some of the sales staff that I have to deal with sometimes. 😀

    1. That’s some good advice. I was able to apologize and everything started so seem back to normal. If I do that to my family or boyfriend, then usually it takes a bit more apologizing. I do feel sorry for anyone on the receiving end too 😔

  3. For years, I could let annoying things ride for a certain amount of time before making a comment that, as a friend told me, “cleared the room.” Over the years, I learned to control this tendency because, although, I forgot the situation quickly, others did not, and I regretted hurting someone’s feelings. Now, I just walk away.

  4. Sounds like you had a really rough day & the tooth infection didn’t help matters. I too can get quite snappy when feeling bogged under, we all can. Main thing is (in my opinion) that you recognise how you reacted, as well as the causes for it. Hope next week is a much better week for you, Karen xo

      1. Very true!! I’m not great at that myself, maybe we’re just a bit too harsh on ourselves 😉 So welcome & thanks to you too lovely XXX

  5. Me? No. Yes. All the time. I am quick to get mad. And when I am not feeling good it can be really testy. So sorry you are having trouble with your sockets. I had my wisdom teeth taken out many, many years ago. Thankfully I didn’t have too much trouble. Hope you are feeling better soon. Try and have a good weekend. 🙂

  6. Ouch! I feel your pain. When I got my wisdom teeth removed I ended up with dry socket – which was probably the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

    I have a very nasty temper myself but I don’t lose it very often thankfully. Anxiety tends to make me more weepy than anything (I’m such a wuss). If I do lose my temper it’s usually been a long-time coming since I have a tendency to bottle things up then eventually explode. Then everyone in the nearby vicinity better watch out lol.

    I think your way of dealing is actually much healthier – sometimes you just need to let your frustrations out and not let people walk over you. 🙂

    1. Sometimes it’s better to let my frustrations out for sure, but other times I know I can be hurtful and that ends up making me feel terrible about what I’ve done 😦

  7. OH that is terrible. Just terrible. I know that pain. It was horrible, blinding pain, like the worst migraine. I am so sorry you experienced that.
    Yes, I have a temper. I get it from my father’s side, too. I think I’ve seen my mother truly angry maybe 4-5 times in my life.

    1. Well, I’ve seen my mom angrier a bit more often than 4-5 times…hahaha, come to think of it, I think I get the temper from her side! I’ve actually hardly ever seen my dad get mad

  8. What I need to work on is telling people I’m uncomfortable or unhappy before they push me to the point where I snap. It takes a while to get me there, and I don’t like to confront people, but when I explode it leaves people scratching their heads because they didn’t even know I was upset. It’s led me to surprising a few bosses by quitting without notice. Immature? Yeah, probably. It’s hard for me to speak up, because my mother put into my head that most people don’t like their jobs, but everyone is lucky if they have one. That you just have to do what you’re told, work hard, still with it, and be dependable and on-time always. One boss wanted me to continue delivering pizzas even after I told her I got a roofing nail in my tire. I was 20, calling my mom to ask if it was okay if I might need to quit my job. I NEED a temper.

    1. I loathe confrontation and am really terrible at it. I’m the same way. I think people don’t expect me to speak up and they usually seem surprised when I do. 🙂

  9. I do have a temper. Normally, I can keep it in check, but it’s been harder since the stroke. I don’t normally get physical at all and most people probably wouldn’t really see it as me “blowing up”, but those who know me well see and understand, for the most part.

  10. My wisdom tooth extraction experience was so amazing that I wish I’d have done one at a time instead of all 4 at once. I know you don’t want to hear that right now, and you probably want to hurt me, but that’s the truth. I loved the gas they gave me! I was telling the nurse how pretty she was as I slipped into dream land. I was 16 at the time, so I’m sure she was flattered. Lol. As for my temper, I don’t really have one generally. I sort of hate confrontation, but I do get irrationally pissed off at silly times, like when driving or when a stupid person interacts with me.

    1. Yeah they recommend getting them removed much earlier than your mid twenties, which is why mine was so difficult. It would’ve been easier as a teen, so I’m sure your experience was much better than mine 😊

  11. Hi, Megan. I had a couple of wisdom teeth out when I was in my 50s. Horrible experience! I can’t imagine going back to work so quickly. Pain is a trigger for all kinds of irrational stuff (for me). I think the most helpful things I’ve done when it comes to anger are (1) taking a deep breath and relaxing my body before I say anything; and (2) eating something (being hungry is a huge trigger for me). I also like the HALT test: Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired? If so, what do I need to do to take care of myself right now. Not the situation. Just me.
    It’s great to be here again, reading about your life. It’s been a while!

    1. It is such a terrible experience, but I’m feeling better and so glad that they are out. They were giving me terrible issues. The HALT test is something new to me. Great idea!

  12. It takes me a while to build up to true anger, but when I get there—watch out. So sorry to hear about your infection and I hope you are back to feeling good again.

  13. Aw, the wisdom teeth 😦 I hear ya, been there done that. That’s awfully painful, even if it’s not infected so I can’t imagine your agony.
    I used to have a really bad temper and I’d snap at the smallest, most ridiculous things. But now, when I feel I get to the point where I am about to lose it, I literally wall away, sit down and calm myself down by trying to rationalise the situation. Switching perspectives also works 🙂
    But in your situation, I think you’re excused. An infection to your wisdom teeth’s sockets… who wouldn’t get snappy and tense over that! Hope you’ll feel better soon!

    1. I seem to get angry at the smallest things sometimes, so I can truly relate to that. I just have to work on mindfulness and thinking before speaking and all that 🙂 Switching perspectives is definitely something for me to work on!

  14. I inherited an explosive temper from my dad, who inherited it from his dad, who…well, you get the picture. Through years of prayer, and an earnest desire not to pass it on to my kids, managed to pretty managed outgrow it. Long journey, but worth it.

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