The Benefits of Cat Ownership

I haven’t talked about him for awhile, so those of you who are new may not realize that I have a cat named Chester that I absolutely adore.  He’s incredibly sweet, to me mostly, very clever, and VERY mischievous.  I love all of that about him. He looks just like an ordinary brown tabby, but he has the eternal face of a kitten.  He can do no wrong and if he does, I forgive him as soon as his shows me those giant eyes and tiny mouth of his. I was going through my pics and realized just how many hilarious shots I have of Chester.  They are certainly worth sharing.

If you’re on the fence about getting a cat or are not really familiar with their behavior, maybe this post will help you in coming to a decision 🙂

The Benefits of Owning a Cat

*Correction* YOU do not own your cat. It owns you.

Cats don’t take up a lot of space.

10641150_10203430176932805_4679602816139796846_n 1465294_10201756127442614_1479149017_n 1779200_10203626492920582_7593645658658624296_n

Cats are clean animals.

10665347_10203605051184552_7368416359376823431_n IMG_0569

Cats aren’t as elusive as people think.

995857_10202026961973308_1048190793_n 1393042_10201336561473727_1714197329_n 10712876_10203831219198611_9060035585647795675_n

Cats know how to recycle.

1013856_10204172892300225_6144191426162413200_n 10632569_10203803419143627_8561635664743381572_n IMG_0290 IMG_0319 IMG_0337

Cats know how to pose for pictures.


Cats don’t like clutter.10366140_10203989388112735_8577792246870650378_n IMG_0580

Cats appreciate the texture of a good cord.

1238143_10201175381844337_1038751227_n IMG_0573

Cats like to help get those to-do list projects started.


Cats are civilized.IMG_0584


Above all, cats are darn cute.


Thanks for reading everyone!


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57 thoughts on “The Benefits of Cat Ownership

  1. Your cat is so cute! and the Cats appreciate the texture of a good cord part-so true! My cat chews all the cables she finds, but I cannot get angry :DD

    1. they are super clean….bahaha. He is so gross sometimes! He’ll sit and chew his food with his mouth open and bits of food fly everywhere. I clean up his messes all the time 🙂

  2. Love it. My cat loves boxes too. He went missing on me twice. Hiding in the closet twice. Once on the bottom and second on the top. My cat likes to talk through my window to the birds in the morning. Those are some of his friends, Cats rock!

    1. Chester doesn’t chirp at other animals, but I wish he did. It’s one of the cutest cat noises. He has a quiet purr too, which can only be felt and not heard. Does your cat sometimes hide and you panic because you think they went outside somehow even though you know it’s not possible? I’ve had several near freakouts because of it.

      1. Yupp my dad went on the roof nearly fell off looking for him. We just couldn’t find him anywhere in the house. We looked for hours but both times i found him he was well hidden. Gave us all heart conditions.

  3. Chester is so cute! I had eight cats before and has been reduced to three because of many circumstances. They are a great friend for you, constantly occupying the empty spot besides you or inside your heart. Great companions for life! ♡

    1. They are certainly great companions! Hopefully one day I can adopt more into my household, but one is enough for me now 🙂 he’s such a trouble maker all by himself!

  4. Hahaha Thank you for the smiles that was fun and so much Chester love.
    Now I am not sure the cord is a benefit.
    Thank you Super Megan.

    Hope life is treating you nice and you are tackling the challenges with a smile and a cats/Lions Heart. Be well and smile beautiful

    1. There’s a lot to love about little Chester 🙂 He’s such a funny, little weird cat that you can’t help but smile. Thanks for all the kind words! And no, the cord appreciation is definitely not a benefit! hahaha

  5. Your Chester looks exactly like my Mittens. And you are right – you don’t own a cat, the cat owns you. Mine doesn’t like any of my fingers to touch my laptop while she is lying in my arms. All of my attention has to be on her, and I’m supposed to go to bed around 10pm, according to the cat.

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