I’m A Pink Bird! Etude House Pink Bird Box May 2015

I have some really exciting news in my life right now.  I was waiting until I posted this review to tell you all and it’s taken me awhile to write this one post, but I finally am ready to reveal this awesome news.  I was chosen by ETUDE HOUSE global, based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), to be a Pink Bird!  I know most of you probably are not familiar with the ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird program, or maybe are not even familiar with ETUDE HOUSE.  For a detailed intro into the company visit the ETUDE HOUSE official site and read the lovely story behind ETUDE HOUSE.  I personally have not had any negative encounters with the brand and am an admitted fan girl of the ETUDE HOUSE.  ETUDE HOUSE is all about unique, cute, and pretty products that are meant to be fun and enjoyable makeup products to use.  I couldn’t agree more.  Everything they sell is precious and really attractive to me.  ETUDE HOUSE Products are, in my opinion, unique and of a higher quality than US drugstore products. I actually prefer ETUDE HOUSE to higher end US brands as well. Don’t just take my word for it, if you have no tried out ETUDE HOUSE yet, then you need to. I think you will fall in love as I have. Here is the official ETUDE HOUSE global website:  http://www.etudehouse.com


What is the Pink Bird Program?

Pink Bird is an exclusive program designated for bloggers and vloggers to try out and blog about the latest and best ETUDE HOUSE products each month.  ETUDE HOUSE hand selects the lucky Pink Birds and I am honored to have been chosen.

I received my first box within a week of being notified!  It was incredibly fast, considering that it was shipped from Seoul.

The box came in a bright pink plastic shipping cover, which I did not have the foresight to take a picture of, and inside was the cutest box I think I’ve ever seen.

FullSizeRender-2 You might imagine that I was beyond excited to open this up because I had no idea what was going to be inside. ETUDE HOUSE is so generous in the things they select to go inside the monthly Pink Bird box and the box is packaged very well and with care.  Just look at everything I received this month!


Included with the package was a pink, sealed folder. FullSizeRender-3


Inside the folder were three sheets of paper, each describing the different items I received for the month.  I found this to be a very helpful introduction to the products I received this month.  I’ve taken pictures of each of the sheets of paper, so that you too can read the info for yourself.FullSizeRender-5

I also received volume 3 of the ETUDE HOUSE publication K Beauty Princess Manual. Is that not just too cute?


I mean, even the table of contents is adorable!


I found this info-graph on the ETUDE HOUSE cushion to be especially interesting, which is why I’ve decided to share those pages.FullSizeRender-10


One of the products I received is the Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet.  I love sheet masks and have used many, but this is the first time I’ve used one that is charcoal based and totally black in color.  The Wonder Pore line, in my experience, has a lovely scent to it. It’s just really refreshing and clean.  This sheet mask smells just like what I was expecting, which is a good thing.  This particular mask sheet is designed to control the oil and debris that clogs up pores and it does so through the use of charcoal, which was obtained by cooking an oak tree in a kiln at over 1,000 degrees!  Yeah, I just got this from one of those sheets, but I thought that was pretty cool 🙂


Most of what is written on the back is in Korean, but at the bottom are the instructions in English, if you can see them in this picture.


I actually used the Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet last night!  Get ready for a terrible and scary picture of me.


Ugh, I look so gross, but I wanted to give you an idea of what this sheet mask looks like.  I found it to be cool and refreshing and this morning my face was so plump and hydrated 🙂


I also received a tube of the Fresh Cherry Tint in OR201 Cherry Peach.  I actually have one of these already, but in the bright pink shade. I love the orange/coral of this tint!  It looks so much better with my skin tone than the pink I have.  Isn’t the bottle darn cute?


Here is the English side of the label, which I appreciate as someone who cannot read Korean well at all.


Here’s the logo on the side of the box. Just too cute!


If you’ve never had the chance to use any of the Fresh Cherry Tints, then you are missing out. First, they smell good enough to eat. I just love the scent, which is definitely reminiscent of cherry.  Second, they go on creamy and are not drying like some tints I’ve used.  Finally, they wear a long time! I put some of the OR201 on this morning and it lasted into the afternoon, until I ate lunch at which point it started to fade.

Here’s a swatch of how it looks and hopefully from this picture you can see the creaminess of it:



I also received a Play 101 Pencil in #15, which is very similar in color to the tint I just described. I love corals/oranges on me. They really brighten my tone and are just really fun for summer.  The Play 101 Pencils come in tons of different colors and varieties (e.g. shimmer, matte, glossy).  The variety alone is astonishing.  I love these pencils because they are so much more than just a pencil. They are super versatile! You can use them as blush, lip liner, lip color, eye liner, or even eyeshadow. There’s really no limit to what you can do with these things.


The tip twists up and there is a sharpener at the opposite end to keep it sharp.  This is actually the second Play 101 Pencil that I’ve owned. I have one in red, but I like the orange/coral color of this one better.


Here’s a swatch for you to see how it looks on my very pale skin:



Next up is the Precious Mineral Any Cushion.  ETUDE HOUSE is kind of famous for their Any Cushion line. I have one in the pink for brightening skin tone, but this is the first one I’ve used that’s a BB cream/Foundation color.  These are such unique products because you can keep the compact part of the cushion and pop out the used product part and replace it with a refill. I think that’s a more economical/environmentally friendly way of marketing makeup, so you are not tossing the entire compact when you are finished. The idea behind this design is so that you can touch up your foundation/BB cream throughout the day in a convenient, hygienic way.  Here’s what the pearlescent case looks like:


Here’s the label in English.

You apply the foundation with an air cushion, which is a really airy makeup puff with a lovely ribbon along the top to hold your fingers in place.


You simply tap your fingers onto the spongey cushion and then tap the product onto your face.


I received the Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige, but am totally a Light Beige, so that was a bit disappointing.  I think it will be ok for the summer though, when my skin becomes a bit tanner.


This next product is one of the newest from ETUDE HOUSE. It is called the Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura.  Not only does this cushion have foundation, but it also has a pearlescent effect that acts as a built in highlighter. I love it!  Even though this one also came in Natural Beige, it did not seem as dark for my skin because of the built-in highlighter.


Here’s how you are supposed to hold the air cushion:


I was surprised to find that the Pearl Aura cushion came with an extra air puff 🙂


Here’s what the inside of the cushion looks like. As you can see, the dots are the built-in highlighter effect:


I didn’t do a very good job of patting this time, but you get the picture.

I shouldn’t swatch foundation on my wrist because it is almost translucent there and no makeup will match it, but hopefully in this picture you can see the luminescence of the Pearl Aura cushion.


Those are the products i received in this month’s Pink Bird box.  Now, time for some modeling haha!  In the following pictures, I am wearing all of the makeup items I received above.

Here are some unedited pictures of me wearing the ETUDE HOUSE makeup I received:


Here are two highly edited pictures:


I like editing my photos sometimes 🙂

Well, that is it for this month’s ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird box.  Check in next month for my next Pink Bird review!

Pink Bird New logo



PS Don’t forget to visit my friend Diana’s site!  She has some awesome Giveaways running now as well. You can visit her blog by clicking here, or check her out on Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin!


PSS, if you haven’t done so yet, enter the Every Last Word Giveaway while you still can. Entries end on Thursday!

Disclaimer: I received the products as part of a promotional program by ETUDE HOUSE. I was not paid to write these reviews.

© All photographs in this post belong to Megan Has OCD. Any use of the photographs in this post without the express, written consent of the author is prohibited. 


76 thoughts on “I’m A Pink Bird! Etude House Pink Bird Box May 2015

  1. Amazing! I love the concept of this – you get to try a whole gamut of products from the brand. Nice editing of your photos although you do not NEED it! Your skin looks lovely! (that mask is scary looking though! lol)

  2. OMG! How does one become a Pink Bird?? I was looking at Etude’s website, and couldn’t really find anything. Thanks! You don’t need to edit your photos by the way 🙂

    1. aw thank you for saying that ☺️I applied when they had an application deadline and then hurt back by email over a month later, so it was definitely a surprise.

  3. Congratulations on being chosen! How exciting!! The packaging of all the products are cute and although pink isn’t my favourite colour, twas definitely a box not to miss out 🙂

  4. Wow, congratulation! I’ve been an avid fan of Etude House too so I can imagine how elated you feel when you get chosen as a Pink Bird. ♡
    I actually want to try the Wonder Pore series too… Gonna give it a go next month!

  5. Oh Megan, you’re so gorgeous and your eyes are so pretty! That box was filled with so many goodies, I’m so jealous! and a huge congrats!!! I know how much you love Etude house, and to have them contact you is such a honor! ❤

    1. Aw thank you Diana 😊 I never thought they’d actually choose me but was pleasantly surprised. I’m just happy to be able to show the world their products ☺️

  6. Oh my gosh Megan, this is my first visit to your blog, and I have to say I’m impressed! But perhaps not for the reason you think! I see you’re really into Korean culture, and so am I, honestly that’s one thing that’s really helped me through my OCD struggle, K-pop, K-shows etc, so to meet someone else who not only is going through the same thing as me but also has that same interest, i think is pretty cool.

    I stumbled on here cause I’ve just started my own blog about my journey with OCD/PTSD/Depression, and overcoming it through exposure therapy and faith.
    Just wanted to let people know about it, feel free to have a read, and share it to anyone who it might be helpful to, or whoever you think might enjoy it.

    I’ve never done anything like this before, so lots of support would mean the world to me. Thanks!
    Happy healing, OCD fighters!


    1. Hello Justin!

      Congrats on starting your blog. For me, writing like this has been an avenue for communicating with people all over the world with similar experiences, a support network, and an opening for tons of great opportunities for me. I hope you can get as much out of it as I have 🙂
      I started liking Korean culture only after I started dating my boyfriend, who is Korean. I am honestly not into Korean shows or music, but I don’t like music (yes, I’m weird like that) in general anyway. I do love the cute/kawaii culture of Japan and Korea and find it relaxing to just appreciate all things beautiful.
      It’s very good to meet you!

      1. Thanks so much Megan! It’s really nice to meet you too 🙂
        I’m so happy that you’ve received so much from blogging, I hope I can too! I’m really excited to connect with people who are going through similar things and just have another kind of support system, or even just to chat about random stuff. Writing for me is just another form of therapy, and if I connect with people who relate well that’s just an added bonus!
        That is so cool that you got into the K-culture through your boyfriend. Have you ever been to Korea? And no that’s not weird at all you don’t like music, I was always the kid in school who felt weird cause everyone else was into sports but I was really into music, so I understand.
        I really love the culture too, I learnt about it though K-pop, but now I’ve fallen in love with it all. I have to admit I am one of those fanboys when it comes to K-pop though lol. I’ve actually just ordered my first ever K-Pop CDs and K-accessories from Korea so I’m a bit excited about that! I also like the Japanese kawaii culture, I listen to J-Pop too.

        I agree it is lovely to appreciate all the beautiful things in life, we need to find what makes us happy and take hold of it 🙂


      2. That’s so cool Justin! What sort of things have you ordered? I’m pretty excited because next time K goes to Korea, he’s going to get members of Big Bang to sign something for me. His brother is friends with them 🙂 I have never been to Korea, not yet anyway. One day when I have more money I will. Maybe I should start a go fund me and raise money 🙂 We’ve been together 7 years and I have yet to visit! 😦 Have you been?

      3. Hold the phone! Your boyfriend’s brother is friends with BIGBANG??! That is like a huge deal, I love how you just casually mention that to a Kpop fanboy, you can’t do things like that Megan without me freaking out! 🙂 I’ve ordered 2 CDs from my fave group SHINee, plus 2 earrings that 2 of the members wear. I never even knew they sold stuff like that so that was a nice surprise. Hopefully I receive it soon 🙂
        Oh wow that’s such a long time, that’s great! If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? I’d imagine your boyfriend is a great support in helping with your OCD.
        That’s not a bad idea, I haven’t been to Korea either yet but I really want to, it is a little expensive though so definitely gotta start saving. Plus I really would like to learn the language before I go, I think it’s a beautiful language and it would just make going there so much better!

      4. Hahaha, yes, he does know Big Bang 🙂 I’m totally serious. I always liked their music and think that they are all good looking guys. I liked when G-Dragon had long, brown hair :*( Yes, definitely learn the language. Learning hangul is pretty easy, I think I did it in a day. Know how to read Korean, even if you don’t speak it well, is a good idea because a lot of words are just English words spelled in hangul 🙂 lol, I’m 25 🙂

      5. I’m beyond amazed! Boy am I glad I followed you haha 🙂 I don’t consider myself part of the BIGBANG fandom but I really love their music a lot. They were one of the first Kpop groups to get my attention and make me curious about Kpop. Yeah there is no denying they are very attractive guys 🙂 their music is so unique and even all their solo stuff I love, very talented guys. Yeah GD is awesome, I’m a fan of his for sure 🙂
        Oh that makes me feel better, I’ve learnt a bit of Hangul and I do know a few words from watching Kpop stuff, it’s amazing how you just catch on after a while. Definitely gonna start learning, that’s one of the things I’ve been putting off but with my therapy I’m to be doing all the things I haven’t been, and learning Hangul is one of them! (Plus not the worst therapy in the world just saying hehe. :)) Thanks for the tips! Makes me feel better, some people said it was hard, which is funny cause the few lessons I did I found really easy lol. I gotta stop listening to others and just go with what I know. And yes I’ve noticed the English words just spelt in Hangul, it’s a good way to ease into it I think 🙂
        Where did you learn Hangul? Was it online or did your boyfriend teach you? I’ve looked for actual classes around where I live but they don’t have any 😦 it’s all either Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese.
        Oh cool, I was gonna say you don’t look that old!! 🙂 So were you and your boyfriend high school sweethearts or something? Cause that would be too cute I swear 🙂

      6. Yes, my boyfriend did teach me hangul, but there are tons of resources online you can use. I took Korean for a year in college too. Our textbooks were actually written by my professor and they are pretty good. I recommend the two beginner books, but not so much the intermediate http://www.amazon.com/Integrated-Korean-Beginning-Textbooks-Language/dp/0824834402/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_z

        I find that a lot of resources online tend to focus on colloquial language, but this resource really gets to the root of the language.

        I was in high school when we met, but he was a junior in college actually! 😀

      7. Oh nice! Thank you for those resources, I think I might purchase them, cause you’re right I really want to learn the whole language, not just the casual and common ways of speaking. I want to be able to speak fluently, not just enough to get by.
        And aww that’s so cool 🙂

  7. Congrats what an honor. What adorable packaging on all their products and I know the quality is better than we have here because of your past experience so they will be worth a try. Cutie.

  8. I think you look prettier on the unedited photos! You have truly gorgeous skin, I’m jealous! Congratulations on being a Pink Bird, Megan!! 😀

  9. Amazing! Congrats on becoming a pink bird! I’m a huge fan of Etude House products too, they’re so affordable and you’re totally right about them still being superior to western drugstore products. I have the BB balm that has the aura highlighter in it but didn’t know there was a cushion too :O hope to see more of this! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, the cushion is a brand new item, so it’s no surprise you have yet to see it. Etude House is really affordable and of high quality, which is why it’s one I keep going back to. Thanks a lot for reading this post!

  10. Congratulations, Pink Bird. Thanks for the reviews and for posting the photos. The packaging and products look amazing, but I especially loved the photo of the black mask!

  11. wow! you are so lucky! I’ve always had a thing for South Korea, but lately have been curious about Korean beauty products and rituals. I read this post back when you posted it, but today I just realized I’m in the process of trying an Etude House product myself! it’s their “BeBe foot mask” and I’m about 7 days in… my feet have just begun to peel and it’s kind of freaky haha! have you tried this product before? I’ve never done anything like it and am curious to see how soft my feet will be at the end. definitely a strange thing to do, but fun and unlike any American beauty product I’ve ever tried. I live relatively close to Koreatown in New York and would love to check out the full range of beauty products that are available in some of the stores there. but I think I need to do some more online research before I blow my whole wallet! thanks so much for posting about this! I can’t wait to see more.

    1. That is so cool that you live near Koreatown in NYC! I bet it has some awesome stuff for you to check out. How did the foot peel go for you? I did one of those things and it does work, but my feet quickly became rough again. Guess you have to keep doing it. If you need any suggestions for products or brands or anything, let me know!

      1. well the food is amazing, to be sure! it’s a pain that I have gotten to like it so well and have to keep traveling over to ktown for ingredients that I can’t find elsewhere actually 😉 ughh speaking of which, I definitely fell off of my razor scooter (oh yes, I’m 28 and riding a scooter) going over a curb with a liter of soju in my bag. luckily I wasn’t hurt too bad and the bottle was plastic and didn’t break… but I might not be showing my face out again so soon!

        so the foot peel was really interesting and new for me as far as beauty products go. in the first few days, while I was waiting for the actual peeling to begin, I wore a pair of sandals with ankle straps that I’m used to walking distances in all the time. but I only got a few blocks away before my ankles were bleeding! it definitely made my skin dry and thin as it prepared to peel. so I would plan to repeat this process when you can wear very comfortable shoes for two weeks or more. about two weeks after the peeling began, I had to wear new shoes as a bridesmaid in a wedding. they were comfortable, but chewed up my feet horribly! I had blisters and cuts in places where I normally had calluses built up (now gone from the peel). so, while my feet did feel smooth when it was over, it didn’t seem necessary to me. I missed my calluses more than I thought I would! I would rather have my feet be a bit rough instead. and you’re right, they didn’t stay smooth as long as I would have liked for how long the process took to become smooth. I would really only recommend a foot peel to someone with really, really rough feet. maybe cracked heels or the like. I don’t think I would do it again, but I’m glad I gave it a shot.

        thank you for your response. I super-love following your blog! it means a lot to your readers that you get back to us! thanks again 😊

      2. Sounds about like my experience with the foot peel! I was not really a fan of it. I think I expected more than I should’ve from it. We have a number of markets locally that sell Korean foods, even our gigantic Kroger has a good selection now, plus K always brings things back from his travels. Do you have an H-Mart where you live? Razor scooter, that is the cutest thing I’ve heard all day! I’m sorry you wrecked though and glad you weren’t injured. I remember saving for one of those as a kid. I finally got a $30 gift card to Walmart and was able to buy one. That was big money for a kid! 🙂
        I know, I’m terrible about getting back to comments. I read them, but forget to respond 😦 I hate that I do that.

    1. Hi 🙂 It is not actually possible to buy or order the Pink Bird box. Etude House had an open application date back in March and I applied and was accepted into the promotional program. I hope this helps!

    1. So sorry for the delay! I have been taking a break from blogging, but I am happy to finally see your comment and address it. I suggest jolse.com for Korean makeup and skincare products. Free shipping, good prices, you can’t beat it. I really like Etude House’s royal jelly age repair BB cream and their any cushion, the pinkish one (can’t remember the name). Those are some of my go-to products 🙂

      1. That’s ok! It’s always nice to take a break. We haven’t heard of that website before, but we definitely will be checking them out. Etude House are such great quality but it’s a pain to get a hand on here. We’ve heard a bit about their royal jelly bb cream. So many things we need to try!

        xx thanks Megan 🙂

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