Some of the Coziest Things Around My Home

None of you have really seen my home, which is actually a small, one bedroom apartment located in the middle of a wooded area.  I actually have a stream below my balcony in the woods, but the trees are so overgrown right now that you can’t see it.  The other day it was raining and our woods looked like Jurassic Park.  I actually expected to see a T-Rex poking its head through the branches.  Thank goodness, I did not.FullSizeRender-19

On days like today, where it’s drizzly, cold, and just ugly, I like to sit at home and be warm and cozy.  There’s nothing better than coming home to a bright and cheery house with my boys and warm blankets.

Of course I love coming home to K, but having a little fuzzy cat come and greet you at the door with his cuteness is something entirely special.  I came home the other day to find him still napping on my side of the bed, like a human.


Sometimes he creeps me out by how human he acts.  If I sit on the couch, well he’s right there to see I’m not lonely (or ignoring him).


He’s a good boy cat.

When I get home at the end of a long work day, there’s nothing I like more than doing the things I enjoy doing.  Sometimes and usually in the colder months, I will take out my crochet hook and yarn and craft something.  My favorite patterns to work from are from a book I bought, written by Amigurumei (a fellow blogger and crafter), called Hello Kitty Crochet. 


I keep my hooks in that pencil box 🙂

Usually in the evening I will read a book on my kindle.


I am currently reading a book called Light on Lucrezia By Jean Plaidy.  I most enjoy reading historical fiction and if I’m in the mood either a mystery, thriller, or a bestseller.

In the evenings, sometimes my feet are really cold, so I will put on a pair of socks. Probably the funnest socks I own are these Mona Lisa patterned socks by Hot Sox.  They are definitely fun to wear outside, where I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them. I usually wear them with Birkenstocks, so I look extra cool 😉  People actually do think they are really neat and they are. They are a conversation piece for sure! If ever you go to an art museum, wear these socks and I’m positive someone will say something to you.  No, you know what, not even just an art museum, basically anywhere. Someone will say something 🙂 I like when people say stuff about what I’m wearing to be honest.  I actually received these socks for free to review them.


Another thing I find cozy is my little “vanity” table, which is really just a strange, oddly sized table that I took from my dad’s house. I say oddly sized because it’s to small to be a coffee table and too big to be a side table 🙂 Oh well.  It has an incredibly heavy, black glass top and a brushed steel frame. It’s a pretty piece, but dang, black glass gets filthy! Anyway, I use this weird table as my vanity.


Having my own little space like this makes getting ready in the morning all the more fun.

I also love to keep little figures of cats sitting around. I have a ton more cats in storage right now and I haven’t gotten them out since I moved because there is no room in my current apartment for them, but I do have a few sitting around.  This little crystal cat was my grandmother’s.


The eyes of this thing look so strange in the picture, but not like that in real life. Weird.  It’s actually one of the few cat figurines I have out right now. I love this little thing 🙂

What kinds of things do you have in your house that you feel make it cozy? What things, or who, do you look forward to at home?

Thanks for taking a peek around my house! 🙂 Glad to have you.


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PSS A fellow blogger emailed me this Renaissance portrait and told me that it is my doppelgänger.  What do you think?  I guess I can kind of see it 🙂

Portrait of a Young Woman – Botticelli



39 thoughts on “Some of the Coziest Things Around My Home

  1. Our comfy couch and old worn out coffee table that I don’t worry about spills and I like to prop my feet on it while watching tv or reading. Our little guest bedroom is very light and inviting.. Some of old familiar knick knacks that I have carried around for years and then my could I forget them…

  2. Awww Chester! What a coincidence that I told you a few posts ago that you look like a beauty from a Renaissance painting! Do you know what is even more of a coincidence is that I am somewhat of a History fanatic and expert, I love Botticelli, and this is the exact painting I thought of when I compared you to a Renaissance painting! Yes! When he painted that, he was painting a lovely woman from the future!

  3. Hi Megan … your apartment looks lovely ❤
    Love how sweet your cat baby is!
    For me coming home is all about the warmth and love…something that no other place on earth can give… and of course seeing my darling husband!
    I too have a small 2 room apartment (in Mumbai) and it’s quite challenging to do up a place that size … but you seem to have done everything right! ☺

  4. This was such a cute post. I literally felt transported to one of those cold, rainy days where I wrap myself up in my blanket and play with my 4 cats. Aren’t cats the best, really?

  5. You didn’t explain the Renaissance pic very well the other day….looks a little like you but you are prettier…I thought it came from that fab post about those paintings of babies, now those were some funny paintings.

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