The Meaning Behind My New Header Image


I am so in love with this new header image.  A fellow blogger and friend, Diana, had it illustrated for me!  She is an incredible lady and gets the opportunity to travel all over the world and share her adventures.  Her header is actually another illustration by the same artist.formegan-3

You can find her at  her blog Dianasadventures and/or find her on PinterestInstagram, and Bloglovin!  She and the illustrator are working toward finding some way to market this for other bloggers who may be interested in a custom header, so I will keep you updated or you can contact Diana with questions.

For me, this header is really, really special and incredibly unique.  I never thought I’d have the chance to have such a beautiful piece of one-of-a-kind artwork showcased on my little blog. It’s simply gorgeous and it represents all that I’m about.  There’s so much going on that you might wonder what it all means in reference to me as a person and blogger.  I want to explain it all, so you can have a better idea.

The cat is Chester obviously 🙂 He is playing with a ball of yarn, which represents my passion for crochet.

The man is K and the woman (sounds weird to call myself that) is me 🙂 I am wearing Hanbok, which is the traditional Korean clothing.  This picture was the inspiration for it:


The Korean letter to the right is my name in Hangul, which is the Korean alphabet.

The makeup items are actually representing my favorite makeup brand, Etude House, and love of beauty.  The flowers are in pretty pastels, which are my favorite colors, and also represent my love of nature and beauty.

Overall, this illustration represents the bicultural atmosphere of my home and life.  You have K wearing “Western” clothes and me wearing Hanbok and then my name in Hangul and my love of Korean beauty products.  I think it beautifully represents how much we have come together to just love each other as human beings and adapting each other’s home culture to make our own, very unique family culture. If that makes any sense!

Thank you so much Diana for making this happen. It’s so beautiful and I’m incredibly pleased.

Let me know what you all think!

Thanks for stopping by.



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