New Additions to My Library

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It’s silly, but if I leave for the day and see a groundhog or another random animal, that just makes the rest of the day better. I saw a groundhog today 🙂 Those buddies are just too precious.

Lately and for whatever reason, I have been getting back into reading paper-based books. Isn’t that weird that we even have to make the distinction now? I used to only read paper-based books, but after getting my Kindle a few years ago, I haven’t had the need. I honestly love my Kindle and read so much faster on it. Not to mention, it’s very lightweight and convenient to store and carry around. Books for Kindle tend to be either free or less expensive than paper-based books.  However, I miss going to bookstores and looking at books that might interest me and then having those books to add to my collection.

I used to have tons of books as a kid, but have gotten rid of a good majority of them. That’s not to say that I haven’t regained much of what I gave away/sold. My collection is probably bigger now than it used to be, but now it’s filled with adult books rather than juvenile or young adult series.  Actually, now that I think about it, my friend Olivia’s mom had a huge collection of Danielle Steele and VC Andrews and Olivia would sneak them and I’d get them from the library. We thought we were soooo grown-up. I definitely shouldn’t have been reading semi-trashy romance novels when I was in middle school. I just look back at all the things I did as a kid and laugh and this is definitely one of those things. I was such a weirdo.

Anyway, I’m going through a paper-based book phase right now and I’ve gotten four new additions to my collection in the past week.

FullSizeRender (1)

Two of the books are by Geraldine Brooks (Caleb’s Crossing and People of the Book).  You can’t be $3 a piece for almost new copies of books by one of my favorite authors.  I got them at a Half-Price Books Outlet and that place is so overwhelming, but awesome. I could spend a day in there easily. The other two are Barnes & Noble bargain buys. All of these are historical-fiction/period pieces, which is my favorite genre and always has been.

So, that’s my new thing. What’s new with you? Are you more drawn to paper-based books or digital copies?  Do you have a preference and why? Who are your favorite author(s) and what are your favorite genre(s)?

I’d love to hear what you have to say!  Know that I ALWAYS read comments, but forget I read them and forget to respond. I suck at that, I know.

Thanks for reading!

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24 thoughts on “New Additions to My Library

  1. I’m much more likely to read paper books. They are still my go-to for when a new book comes out. For 1, I feel like I get something for my $20 when I can hold the thing and look at it on a physical shelf.

    Also, I get too distracted on my e-device to read the book.

  2. LOL I totally read Danielle Steel as a middle schooler, too. 😀

    I also haven’t bought too many paper books since I got a Kindle, but I still buy hard copies for cookbooks and children’s books. Or reference books, but I don’t buy those too often!

    I love historical fiction (Kathryn Harrison and Caleb Carr spring to mind) but recently I’ve read more thrillers and sci-fi (best recent one being The Forever War by Joe Haldeman). I really need to read more!

    1. Hahaha! No way 😀 I love it. Ever since I started college, I stopped reading for fun. Now that I’m out of college, even years later, it’s been a struggle for me. i need to find the joy in it again.

      1. Exactly the same for me. I have been trying to read a little every day, even just a few pages. But I just finished one book (Silence of the Lambs) and haven’t felt like picking up another. Don’t know if I’m just too busy, or lazy. 😀

  3. I prefer ebooks since i read much faster and its cheap and i can store plenty of them. Sometimes i like audio books in case i want to see something and also to know the story. I get paper based only if they are extremely interesting and if i cant find them in e or audio form. I like historic romance too.. the first one i ever read was Ruth ann nordin’s.. But generally i read any fiction as far as its interesting. Its funny how i read a book overnight but i stumble with an academic based book for like a semester 😀

    1. No, i totally understand. Textbooks were the worst for me. i could never read them well. I used to read rather quickly, but not anymore. I only have a few minutes in the evening to read at all.

      1. oh being busy really does something to our reading schedule… but its fun when we read.. i gave up reading during a period because i couldn’t keep the book down until i know the end but i had very little time.. I hope you will enjoy your books.. sometimes paper books remind us the good old days…

  4. I love paper books, holding them, reading them. I spent so much time reading non-fiction , serious books, that now I like fiction….chick lit, magical realism, books by Jonathan Tropper, Nick Hornby, Barbara Kingsolver, Sarah Addison Allen, Bridget Asher, Kris Radish and many more…books of romance, re-discovery, healing.

  5. I love hard copy books. Love to mark favorite passages. Btw Megan, if you’re interested in reading/ reviewing my memoir Secrets in Big Sky Country let me know. You can read about it on its page on my blog or on Amazon.

  6. I love reading in my kindle. Especially because is so cheap, but God, I love the smell of those paperbacks – something a Kindle can never give.

  7. Haven’t forgotten about you! Just ended up unexpectedly busy so I’ll write you back soon!
    Nothing any better than a good ole paperback! >3

      1. Nah! Not weird at all. It’s everyone else that’s weird and I can say that b/c I’m team weird lol! 😀
        I started reading most books on my tablet but doesn’t seem the same. Plus I always end up giving myself a migraine in the eye’s so hard cover or paper back…I love.
        Happy Sunday wishes!! >3

  8. SOMETHING very tactile about a paper-based book….doesn’t need any batteries, but for whatever light you read by. Harder for my wife to hold them, but satisfying in seeing actual physical progress as you are wading through! I discovered John Creasey (SP-?) in High School. Got in trouble several times for trying to read one of his action stories…THE GUNS OF NAVARONE, ICE STATION ZEBRA,, THE H.M.S. ULYSSES, SNOW TRAIN—many of which were made into movies…SNOW TRAIN with Charles Bronson…in one night! Some I could—others not. I think he had 5-6 different characters—like “THE TOFF”—going at once, all with their own series of action novels! Whew! You got me going! 🙂

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