How to Care for Long Hair

One thing I have been doing for years is washing my hair everyday.  My parents always taught me the importance of good hygiene and of course made me take showers daily. Daily showering is definitely important, but during my worst periods of anxiety, I would shower twice daily and wash my hair every time I showered.  It’s funny that I couldn’t figure out why my hair was so brittle and dull.  Of course it was because I was washing my hair, way, waaaaay too much!  Currently, my hair is the longest it’s ever been and the healthiest it’s ever been.  Why? Well, let me tell you how I’ve been caring for my long hair lately.

I found some long hair care ideas from Xojane, but have altered them to fit my needs and lifestyle.  A little about my hair:

  • It’s wavy
  • It’s thin and delicate
  • It is naturally a golden reddish/brownish/blondish color
  • It hangs past my boob area.

Not all of these ideas are going to work for your hair. There are a lot of hairstyles that might not benefit from the things I do, but maybe you will find things that will just click for you and will work for your hair and lifestyle.

Alright, here are my tips for long, beautiful hair:

  1. Don’t Wash Your Long Hair Daily.  By doing so, you risk stripping your hair of its natural, healthy oils and that will only serve to weaken the strands.  I go at least 1, but have gone up to 3 days without washing my hair. It was so dry in the beginning that I could probably have gone a week and it would’ve been fine.  Yes, your hair will get “greasy” and “oily,” but to keep it smelling and looking mostly fresh, use baby powder, corn starch, or a dry shampoo. I’ve been using Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo and it’s decent for the price, but there are tons more out there. Batiste Dry Shampoo is a popular one, but I’ve never tried it.  When you do wash, use a sulfate-free shampoo and try to only wash your roots.  After your hair dries, you will be amazed at how healthy and shiny it looks.
  2. Condition  Every time you get your hair wet, condition it.  I leave my daily conditioner in a few minutes before rinsing. I use a deep conditioner once a week and leave that on for five minutes before rinsing. I’m currently alternate between the Arvazallia Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask once a week and the Clairol Hair Food Moisturizing Mask once a week as well as the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner when I don’t feel like deep conditioning. FullSizeRender-24
  3. Don’t Use Just Any Brush or Comb. Honestly, this was news to me. I had no idea that my plastic bristle comb was tearing my hair.  Per this article in Xojane, that crackling sound you hear when you brush is the sound of your hair breaking.  I used to hear that sound every time I ran my brush through my hair.  I recommend instead using a boar bristle hair brush instead of a plastic bristle brush.  I use this boar bristle brush by Bass and I really like it.  Boar bristle brushes are supposed to distribute the oils in your hair naturally, without breaking or damaging your hair.  The idea is that the boar hairs mimic your own hair.  I use my boar bristle brush in the morning and at night. Use a wide tooth comb (I’m using this wide tooth comb from Sephora) to gently brush through tangles before using your boar bristle brush.  I got the idea from Xojane.  Not only are you helping your hair by distributing your oils naturally, but you are giving yourself a lovely scalp massage, which is supposed to help with circulation in the scalp.
  4. Be Gentle With Wet Hair.  You can use a wide tooth comb, but never brush wet hair. Your hair is especially delicate when wet.  When using a towel, gently squeeze the water out of your hair, don’t rub it aggressively or wring it.
  5. Try Oils.  I use jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and coconut oil on my hair, all in different ways.  I use the jojoba oil on my hair by mixing it with my regular conditioner and massaging it into my hair when it is hair washing night. IMG_0327 I use rosehip oil in my hair by mixing it with Rosemary essential oil and heating it in the microwave for a few seconds before applying all over my hair, focusing on the roots. FullSizeRender-12 The coconut oil is good for deep conditioning. I only use it on the tips of my hair and will wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it in for a few hours before rinsing.  They say you should leave it in for a day, but I haven’t got the time or patience for that and a few hours seems to work fine.
  6. Rinse with Cold Water.  Believe me, this makes a huge difference.  After I rinse my hair with cold water, it is soooo silky. This process seals up the hair and holds in the conditioner and oils that you just applied.
  7. Sleep in a Loose Braid.  Again, I got this idea from Xojane and I love how it keeps tangling in the night. Plus, I wake up with fewer cowlicks and my natural waves are accentuated. I just GENTLY brush and go.
  8. Avoid Heat Styling. The only heat styling tool I use is Kiss InstaWave.  I use it on the lowest setting and it still leaves my hair awesome. I only use it with the HSI Professionals Thermal Protector with Argan Oil.  Other than that, I don’t even use a hair dryer.  My hair dryer is for my cat, Chester, now 🙂
  9. Wear Ponytails in Different Spots. Use only metal-less elastics and don’t yank your hair tight when the ponytail is coming a little loose. Just redo it and remove the elastic gently.  I actually prefer to use scrunchies, which is so coming back by the way 🙂 I love this adorable scrunchie made from a Kimono or if you are crafty, you can easily make your own scrunchie. Also, try to alternate where you put the elastic. Keeping it in the same spot every time you wear it will weaken that spot.  I’ve been wearing my hair in pony tails less and less because I noticed my hair line was receding from pulling it too tightly.  Yikes!
  10. Trim Regularly.  You don’t have to go to a salon every 6 to 8 weeks or however long is recommended.  I usually just trim my hair at home using this method.  Most everyone will get split ends no matter what you do to prevent them, so trimming them off before they break the entire hair is important for maintaining a long mane.
  11. Nutrition.  Good hair starts from within.  Take a multivitamin or a biotin based vitamin.  I’ve been taking this hair supplement by Hair Covet for a few weeks now and think it works fine. Don’t rely on vitamins/supplements though. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and drinks lots of water throughout the day.

Here is what my hair looks like today:


I’m very happy with how it looks at this point in time. It’s very healthy, shiny, and soft and my split ends are minimal.

Well, that is all I have in the way for hair care tips.  If you have any tips, please let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading!


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23 thoughts on “How to Care for Long Hair

  1. I have thin wavy to curly hair about your color. I only wash my hair once a week, get it wet every day but use conditioner in the shower a couple times a week and a couple times a week put conditioner in it and just leave it in. I use Aveda B-Curly curl enhancer on it and then some coconut oil. I air dry it. It stays healthy.

    1. I’ve gotten close to washing it about twice a week. The longer I wait, the better it looks after a washing. I love Aveda products, I’ll have to give this one a try 🙂

  2. I need to get better at not washing my hair daily. I washed it twice today, actually. I have super thick, long hair but it is surprisingly healthy for being chemically treated. I once tried Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment and my hair was never softer. It was incredible. It is pricey, but was given to me as a gift. It might be something you’d like.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation on the Ojon treatment, I’ll have to look for it! I definitely didn’t need to wash my hair as much as I was washing it, but if that works for you then go for it !

  3. Awesome tips! I was surprised when I learned that you should only wash your roots. Washing all the way to the ends strips the hairs natural oils, but if you just wash the roots, the shampoo will gently run down so it still gets clean, but doesn’t potentially damage your hair. I also only condition the end (up to about an inch from my scalp) so it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Regularly I will have a day where I wash my hair, condition the whole thing really well and don’t blow dry or anything. It’s good to give your hair a break every once and awhile. 🙂 Thanks for the other tips!

  4. I have thick, naturally coarse (since birth according to my mom, so I envy your silkiness) with a deep wave pattern and curl in addition to the wave pattern but sometimes the weight of my hair pulls the curls out. I don’t have a lot of natural oils in my scalp because I have never gotten to the greasy limp oily stage. I wash it once a week though it isn’t oily by the end (it didn’t even get oily when I had to go 2 weeks!). I really don’t get split ends but I get more tangles dryer ends when it needs a trim. Right now I am using my fingers to comb through which seem to be working to keep my curls looking better less frizzy (I am prone to frizz and brushing pulls my curls out, not the wave but the curl). My hair is extremely sensitive to heat, even the sun’s heat burns it and causes extreme dryness so if you have any tips on protecting hair from the sun please let me know! I want to buy a satin sleeping cap to keep it from suffocating my husband at night and because I have heard that my cotton pillow case might be drying my hair out. Your hair is lovely Megan =) I am constantly battling my lack of natural oils even if I put oil into it, it just vanishes, my hair is a sponge, a very thirsty sponge that sucks up all product instantly and I simply cannot afford the high end products knowing I have to use 4 times the amounts on the package (heaven help me when I go grey and want to dye it). My mom had a tip though about deep conditioning when dry, so putting the conditioner in dry hair and letting it stay for several hours and I just tried that and that helped a lot my hair was toast after my sun-filled vacation and it helped restore it, so I plan to do it more frequently.

    Here is my hair
    I still brushed here and you can see how big (it is enormous) and how dry it can be

    Strait (temp the hairdresser wanted to take before and after photos of my hair so she straitened it)

    and still somewhat wet but without brushing (not using my brush anymore definitely helped a lot it is annoying because brushing is so much faster that finger combing)

    1. Your hair reminds me so much of my best friend’s hair growing up. She had the thickest hair I’d ever seen with deep waves very much like yours and her hair was difficult to wash, but never really got oily. I’ve heard silk sleep caps are good too and I’ve though about getting one, but I prefer just to keep mine braided and it works for now. You should try one though, there are nice ones on Etsy that I’ve seen. Karastase and Chi make daily UV protection products for hair. I usually just wear a sun hat when I know I’m going to be in the direct sun. Hope some of this helps you!

      1. I will definitely look up those UV products because the sun is my worst enemy. I don’t do a lot to my hair no blow drying heavy chemicals curling irons or anything but I have a small child so I have to go outside a lot. I have pale skin also but eating tomatoes and wearing sunscreen keeps me from getting burnt but my poor hair is ruined by it. I should get a hat but my hair is already so hot, like wearing a wool sweater on my head. Thanks so much great thorough post. Was her hair also prone to dryness?

      2. Oh my hair is really prone to dryness. I can go probably a week before I actually need to wash it. It hardly ever looks stringy/oily because it is so dry, which leaves it brittle and prone to breakage :*(

  5. I generally have to wash my hair everyday, otherwise it gets too greasy, but now that I’m on vacation I’m trying to wash less and let it rebuild a little! Your hair is gorgeous, so I’m gonna follow your tips and hope for the best 🙂

    1. At first it will be a little greasy, but just give it time. After a while, you will be able to go days between washes and less oil will build-up during that time. Thank you so much. That’s so sweet 🙂

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