Etude House Pink Bird Box July 2015

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far.  The weather here is just gorgeous and only moments ago I got home from washing my car. I love to do that on a hot summer day.  

The July 2015 Pink Bird Box by Etude House is a really fun one I think!  If you don’t know what Etude House is, it is  a South Korean cosmetic brand that uses a princess aesthetic in just about all of its products.  In fact, the Etude House slogan is “All of You are Born as a Princess.”  If you are not into the princess aesthetic, that’s no big deal.  I will say that everything I’ve tried by Etude House has been of high quality, comes in beautiful packaging, and is cruelty free.

Alright, so here is a picture of everything I received propped up in the box.
I think this month’s box has a lot of variety.  Here’s the folder with the info sheets inside.
  The first page showcases the limited edition summer Play 101 Pencil set.  It comes with 4 different shades that are sold only during the summer months.  The Play 101 pencils can be used as eye shadow, eye liner, cream blush, lip liner, and lipstick.  They are very buttery and easy to apply!  I tried to find this set on their set to link to it, but could not.  Anyway, you can find the available Play 101 pencils here. The colors variety is incredible!The next sheet hints at a bag of samples that were included in this box and the Wonder Pore skin care kit.
  Alright, I’m going to first introduce to you the Wonder Pore Skin Care Kit:  The kit includes travel sized bottles of the Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser, Freshener, Tightening Essence, and Cleaning Emulsion.  Basically a starter Korean skincare routine in a box 🙂
  I’ve received several of these travel boxes in the past when K went to Korea and brought them back.  They are the perfect size to get to know the brand and are a nice way to try out products before you commit to a full size.  The Wonder Pore line is probably one of their most famous skincare lines.  I think it’s great for all skin types because it is gentle, yet I really do feel that it cleans deeply.

Left to Right: Deep Foaming Cleanser, Freshener (gentle, astringent-free toner), Tightening Essence (similar to a serum), Cleaning Emulsion (Moisturizer)
Left to Right: Deep Foaming Cleanser, Freshener (gentle, astringent-free toner), Tightening Essence (similar to a serum), Cleaning Emulsion (Moisturizer)

Next up is the Play 101 Pencil limited edition summer set.  These are each gel-type liners and are very vibrant in color.
You will find that each pencil is numbered rather than named.  I think this is easier to keep track of to be honest with you and probably easier for the company to not have to come up with names for each of the colors.

I thought at first glance that pencil 63 was going to be brown, but it is a shimmer, deep bronze/copper color. It compliments the shadow I received last month.  Because they do match so well, I’ve been using this pencil as a liner on my upper lid and then blending the shadow for a really cool effect.
Pencil 64 is a new color for my makeup collection.  I literally have nothing this color, so I’ve been using it as a shadow by itself.  It is a shimmery teal color and is definitely very summery.  It reminds me of mermaids for some reason.
 Pencil 65 is a shimmery, deep navy blue color, which is another new color for me.  I use this one as a shadow by itself as well.  With my pale skin, though, it is a bit much for every day wear.    Pencil 69 is the last one from this collection and probably my favorite because it is so versatile.  I’ve used it as a lipstick, liner, shadow, and blush.  It is not quite red and not quite orange, so I’d say it’s a red orange 🙂  This is the only pencil in this set that is not shimmery.
The outside of the pencils are plastic, not wood, so you won’t need to sharpen them like you would a wooden pencil.  However, they do come with a sharpener to keep the pencil from going dull, which makes them more difficult to apply accurately.  Even though each pencil is encased in a gray color, they each have a sharpener at the end the color of the pencil itself.  It’s neat because no matter how many you have, you just put them with the lid facing down and you can easily pick which color you want based on the color of the sharpener 🙂  Being the clever one that I am, I only figured this out after having many of these pencils at once.
  See the colorful ends 🙂
Here’s an arm swatch of all this pencils.  I had some issues keeping the lines straight for whatever reason 🙂    Also in this month’s box was a neatly packaged bag of samples of a variety of Etude House products.  I like that the twist tie to close the bag is a bow 🙂
I haven’t tried any of the samples yet because I am up to my eye balls in samples, but these are all new to me, so they will be next in line.

Pure Water Baobab toner, moisturizer, and cream samples.
I’ve been wanting to try this hair care line for awhile! These particular samples are of the Silk Scarf Protein Solution Shampoo.
This is Etude’s complete line of cleansing oils. Cleansing oils are my favorite for taking off makeup at the end of the day. Left to right: Real Art Mild Cleansing Oil (calming and refreshing), Real Art Perfect Cleansing Oil (strong and deep cleansing), and Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil (moisturizing and deep cleansing)
They sent me 4 samples of the Sunprise (adorable name) sun lotion with SPF 50 plus PA +++. It’s a mild sunscreen and comes in two finishes: water light and airy finish.
They also sent me two packets of the Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel (removes the oil for all day matte skin) and White Sebum Clear (which is supposed to melt the white heads off your nose and chin)!

I’m really excited to see how that White Sebum clear works and kind of scared, but those things are annoying on my nose and I want them gone! 🙂

Last, but not at all least is this gorgeous little makeup bag!  I modeled it with my grandmother’s pearls.  I thought they matched perfectly 🙂

You might not be able to tell, but the bag is encased in a delicate mesh fabric and is padded, so you can put makeup inside without worrying about it smashing into something and breaking immediately.  It’s very delicate and feminine, which I realize is not everyone’s thing, but it’s definitely my kind of thing. I love pinks and teals and pastels with gold 🙂

You can’t really read it well, but the embroidered patch on the front of the bag says “Etude House, Let Your Pink Out.”   It’s almost too pretty to use.  If you have never been to Korea, and I haven’t, but K has, you will know that when you buy Korean cosmetics or makeup, you will most likely receive tons of samples and often you will receive an extra little gift, like this bag, if you spend enough.  🙂Well, that’s the review for this month! I hope you enjoyed the review and I look forward to showing you what they send me next mont 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!


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Hope to see you around!

Disclaimer: I received the above items in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I was not paid to write this post.


18 thoughts on “Etude House Pink Bird Box July 2015

  1. Hi! I was wondering how you applied for Etude House’s pink box? I’m a huge fan of Etude House & I would love to be a part of the program.

    1. They have open recruitment during March or April and I sent an email with my application back and they emailed me back some months later letting me know I’d been chosen. Follow their Facebook page because that’s really the only way to know when they are recruiting. Hope this helps!

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