All the Places I Would Go

Hello everyone,

I am really looking forward to taking a short trip with my mom to Chicago this weekend.  We haven’t been on a vacation together in a long time and we are mostly going to go shopping at some neat places in the Chicago area and we’ll be staying up there as well.  It’s going to be really fun.  

From my trip in 2007

I used to want to travel all over the world!  I’ve only been out of the United States once and that was to Germany and the UK with my family in 2007.  In the past five years or so, that desire to travel has drastically changed.  I really just do not have the same desire to go anywhere outside of my home/hometown.  Chicago is about my limit and it’s only a few hours away.  Sad, huh?  I am mostly afraid of getting sick in a foreign place. It sounds awful.  K gets sick almost every time he goes to Korea and it terrifies me. Cleanliness in many places is not going to be what I’m used to and public transportation is not something I wish to utilize, sorry 😦  That and I do not want to leave Chester for long periods of time.  It sounds whiny, I know, but this is me.

There are places, however, that I’d like to visit and see, but I just don’t know when I will actually feel up to visiting, will have the money to travel, and will be comfortable traveling.  I’ve come up with a list of places that I would one day like to go before I die:

  1. South Korea. I would one day just love to see where K was born and where he grew up. I love many things about Korean culture, not everything, but many things and I want to see it firsthand instead of having to live vicariously through K and through random Korean Instagram accounts. I love the cute things that come from Korea and I have a lot of Korean beauty companies that I love. I really want to visit Etude House in real life.  Also, cat cafes.
  2. Japan. I know a couple of Japanese people and I would love to meet them in real life. I love Japanese kawaii culture and some of the amazing fashion movements.
  3. The Grand Canyon.  Because it’s the Grand Canyon. Who wouldn’t want to see that before they die?
  4. Anywhere in the Caribbean. Warm temperatures, beautiful waters and beaches. Of course I’d want to go here.
  5. Italy. There’s just so much history and beautiful landmarks that I want to see in Italy.  In all of Europe, obviously, but Italy sounds wonderful.
  6. Australia.  I have such an awesome friend from Australia and I’d love for him to show me around.  🙂
  7. Savannah, GA. I’ve heard it’s just absolutely beautiful there. Plus, it’s supposed to be really haunted and I’d love to take some of the ghost tours.
  8. New Orleans, LA.  I love the architecture here and want to stay in one of the beautiful inns with the wrought iron balconies. How amazing would that be?
  9. New Zealand. I want to see the natural and stunningly beautiful landmarks.  There’s a reason why the Lord of the Rings was filmed there!
  10. Ireland. It’s the land of my forefathers and I’ve always wanted to visit. My sister has been, but I haven’t.  Makes me jealous! 😀

What are some of the places you’d like to visit?  Have you been to any of the places I’ve listed above? What did you like most about them?  I’d love to hear from you!
Have a lovely evening 🙂


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16 thoughts on “All the Places I Would Go

  1. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, south rim, a few times. I haven’t been down in it but that would be wonderful. There are many, many places I’d like to go around the US and in other countries, too.

      1. I grew up in AZ and I’ve lived all over AZ, and in WA, NM, CO, and CA. I’ve hiked a bunch in AZ. I’ve traveled to Mexico and Canada. I’ve love to see the world though.

  2. My daughter had her first baby in May. They live in Chicago and I hope to get there sometime soon. The pioneer spirit that I am would want to experience Alaska, maybe by train and I would love to experience the New England fall season. I love quaint and charm! Well we can dream…Enjoy your trip and I understand about leaving Chester. We have four cats and lately I am not feeling good about leaving them…

    1. Chicago is a beautiful city. I just love going there. If you haven’t been there before then you should and what better reason than to see your grandchild. I hate leaving him just for this one night. Poor Chester 😔

      1. I went for my first time in 20o8 by train from CA. It was a big deal for me…We have a bully cat in the mix and I just wonder what happens when we are not there…

  3. My comment is not I want to go but more so my favorite I have been….Ventura California. The west coast is more beautiful than the east coast by far and the Pacific Ocean is cool and crisp unlike the Atlantic which is too warm and just icky in my opinion. I would move to Cali in a second but can’t figure out how to bring all the kids and grandkids with us….otherwise we may not have returned from that trip. I loved it so much that while I was there I made a conscience effort to memorize every place I saw cause I knew the chances of me ever returning were nil….loved it no other place I have been to compares.

  4. I’ve lived an hour from Savannah, and so I’ve spent plenty of time there. Pretty, yes, but not agreeable for me. Too hot. Just way too hot. I preferred Augusta, but still too hot.
    I’ve been to the Caribbean, too hot, too sunny. I’ve been to New Orleans, also hot, but not too bad in March, lotsa fun, way pretty and charming, public intoxication isn’t necessary, but I liked it 😉
    Seen the Grand Canyon, think it’s a must. Although, I’m not likely to step out onto that new glass platform they added some time ago! I guess the donkey rides and helicopter rides are also a lot more expensive now, so I’m glad I went a long time ago.
    I’d loooove to go to UK & Ireland! Ireland is at the top of my list 😀
    New Zealand looks amazing, but it’s such a long trip and $$$$!

    1. New Zealand does look amazing! Going to Korea is also very expensive, so it probably won’t happen in awhile. I actually like hot and humid weather because I am always cold, so that wouldn’t bother me too much. I like the history of Savannah and would love to see it firsthand. I probably wouldn’t go on the glass platform either!

What are your experiences?

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