Meet Clara: My Beautiful New Doll From the Denver Doll Emporium

For years, I have admired collector’s dolls, such as ball jointed dolls (BJD) and Pullip dolls. I’ve only recently stumbled across Blythe dolls and have fallen in love with them too.  As a child, I had SO many Barbies, baby dolls, and porcelain dolls. I miss those times.  My mom actually still has my porcelain dolls, I think 🙂 I’d like to see what they look like sometime. I forgot which ones I have.  I love the beauty and creativity behind collector’s dolls and am so excited to present to you my very first Pullip Doll, who was generously given to me by the Denver Doll Emporium.  The Denver Doll Emporium is one of the most well-known doll distributors in the United States.  The DDE, as it is commonly known on BJD forums, carries an incredible range of BJD from reputable and famous brands from around the world.  They also carry a selection of Pullip Dolls.  What are Pullip dolls?  Pullips are collector’s dolls that have moveable joints and eyes and have oversized heads compared to their bodies.  I love that each doll comes in its own theme.  There are several different members of the Pullip Family.  The different types of Pullip dolls have different faces, sizes, and themes.  You can find out more here.  Pullip dolls actually are Korean 🙂  They are not made in Korea, but they were first designed in Korea.

When the package arrived, I was beyond excited, but I went through a ritual, the same ritual that I perform every time a package comes to my house.  I can’t open packages until my entire house is orderly and clean. If K is home, I’ll just pretend like the package is no big deal and I’ll try to clean in a way that he won’t notice.  If there is any clutter, I just can’t open a package.  My mom does this too.  We discussed it for the first time today. It must be part of our genetically embedded OCD tendencies because we never talked about it before today, but I’ve been doing it for many years. Just a funny story 🙂  Even though I really wanted to open up the box, I waited hours!

The Denver Doll Emporium was extremely generous and sent me Karen, a special edition collaboration Pullip doll.  She was designed in a triple collaboration between Gothic Lolita Bible, Mitzukazu & Mihara, and Juliette et Justine. I have changed her name to Clara, to make her more personal. She is gorgeous 🙂 Here she is in her box:

The box comes with tons of little accessories and this little card of Clara (formerly Karen).

Here’s the back of the card, which is in Japanese:

DDE sent me this folder, which itself is beautiful!  It’s from one of the BJD brands that they sell. 

Inside were some BJD promotional cards and stickers, as well as a DDE business card.

They are incredibly friendly people and are more than willing to help you with your doll shopping needs.  The thing I love most about DDE is that they have layaway, so if you are eyeing a more expensive doll, this would be the way to go.  They are located in the US and shipping is FAST.  Clara arrived to my house in just 3 days.  Now, time to see what she looks like!  Clara’s stock outfit is circus themed.  The red material with the golden fringe is reminiscent of a circus tent and the fabric, which you see on the hat and which is on the underskirt, are printed with vintage circus posters.  
She has a little stand, but I had the most difficult time putting her on it, so I just sat her down.  Clara is incredibly detailed and has so many pieces to her outfit.  So much so, that when I later undressed her to see what all she was wearing, I had a difficult time getting her dressed again!  Aren’t her little stockings precious?

She has a really lovely, pleasant face, which is not something all Pullip dolls have.  Some of them look very sad or angry, and I think that all kind of depends on the theme of each doll.  I love her eyes and makeup. Just beautiful.  Her hair is dark brown and curly and actually reminds me a lot of my sister’s natural hair color and texture 🙂  This picture below is of her hair without any accessories. Here is some of the detailing on her gown.
I lifted up the top layer of her dress so you can see the printed underskirt.Besides the ringmaster’s hat, which was pictured above, Clara came with this huge hair bow headband with extensions.  It makes her hair enormous, but gorgeous!  I had a difficult time making it stay on, but when it was on, I was very pleased with how it looked.
Here’s what the hairpiece looks like on its own:  
As I mentioned previously, Pullip dolls have an eye mechanism that allows their eyes to open, close, and move left and right.  Here is how you operate the eyes:Shh! She’s sleeping 🙂
I disrobed Clara, so you can see the different layers of her stock outfit.   
She really could even just wear the undershirt and underskirt on a lighter day 🙂  I think it looks really beautiful on its own.  
I am sparing her the embarrassment of showing her fully nude, but I wanted you to see her joints.    
The joints of Pullip dolls allow them to be posed in just about any way you want.  I am hoping to get her some props and furniture soon for better positioning in photos. Yes, you will be seeing much more of Clara!

I’m glad this was a great first introduction to the new love in my life!  She’s watching the sun go down over the balcony. Ah, what a beautiful summer evening!Do you have any collector’s dolls? Have you heard of Pullip dolls?  What, if anything, do you collect?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely rest of the evening and weekend to come.


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Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. All statements and opinions are my own.  All pictures are my own.  I received the product in exchange for my honest feedback and opinion.


17 thoughts on “Meet Clara: My Beautiful New Doll From the Denver Doll Emporium

  1. Somehow I have managed to hang onto my Betsy McCall doll. She was very cute in her day. She needs to see a doll repair! I had several outfits for her that were so cute…

  2. I grew up with Madame Alexander dolls and Barbies. My mom grew up across the street from the Alexander sisters, so knew them and had their dolls as well. My grandmother made very detailed clothes for my Alexander dolls.

  3. she’s so gorgeous! Pullip stock is usually very detailed, and your Clara’s is no exception ^^. watch your dolly collection multiply, as is the tendency of pullip girls 😀

  4. I am not a doll person, but I must admit that she is beautiful and so intricately made. Plus, it came from where I live. Didn’t even know that place existed.

    1. I have heard of knottedthings. We’ve talked for awhile now about our interest in dolls 😊 Im sure there are Blythe dolls in the UK but in general they have to be ordered online. Sandy dolls are lovely!

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