Weekend Chicago Trip

Hello everyone!

Wow, I had such a busy weekend.  My mom and I took a short trip to Chicago all day Saturday and Sunday.  It was a lot of driving, but it was a lot of fun too. We’ve never taken a trip together, just me and mom, so that was a new experience and memories were made that I will not forget.  I just wanted to share with you some of the pictures from our trip 🙂  These pictures are not going to be in any order, but I’ll try to explain what each is.

The weather was beautiful and we were able to walk downtown on Sunday.  One thing I love about Chicago is the architecture.  Many of the buildings have a lot of character and are really quite beautiful.  
I just snapped a few random shots downtown.  I wasn’t really aiming at anything in particular because to be honest with you, we weren’t quite sure where we were!  We just walked and walked and eventually our legs hurt. We somehow couldn’t find any shops or anything to go in except for Bed Bath and Beyond and we already have those where we live.    On Saturday, we visited the huge Korean supermarket Hmart, located in Niles, IL.  K and I always go to Hmart when we visit the Chicago area.  Sometimes, we only go there! 🙂 The King Spa and Sauna is located right next to Hmart and we go there often too, but I couldn’t convince my mom to go.  Guess she didn’t want to walk around nude with a lot of strangers 😉  We ate dinner Saturday night at Hmart.  They have little food stands near the front of the store.  We both ordered bibimbap (비빔밥), which is probably one of the most well known Korean dishes and is so fresh and delicious, with its mix of rice, beef, bean sprouts, zucchini, cabbage, radishes, egg, and gochujang (고추장) sauce, which is spicy, but you add how much you want, so you can have it really spicy or mild. The Korean side dishes, or banchan (반찬), were kimchi (김치), bean sprouts, fish cake strips, and miso soup.  My mom really liked it, so that made me glad.  She doesn’t usually like anything too spicy, but this was just right for her.
I bought my favorite snack at Hmart!  They Lotte Red Bean Paste Bars and they are these little bricks of red bean jelly in original red bean and green tea flavors. I love the texture and natural sweetness of these things. They are wonderful.   I couldn’t talk about Chicago without mentioning the Willis Tower, which is probably the most iconic building in Chicago.
  On Saturday, we also went to Mitsuwa, a really large Japanese market in the suburbs of Chicago. There are food stalls, a large grocery section, and a bakery, but probably my favorite shop is the Kinokuniya bookstore, which sells some of the cutest things from Japan.  My mom and I picked out these Japanese made Kai Eye Brow and Face Razors because I have been using some of another brand and I love them. They were on sale and thought, why not get more! I talked my mom into getting them too. They are awesome because you can shave your eyebrows and the fuzzy hair off your face with easy, no water, and no razor burn.  It makes makeup application smoother and it gives you some exfoliation.    If you haven’t tried facial razors you need too!  They are a game changer for me.
  The first place we actually went to was the Ikea in Schaumburg, IL.  Here’s a picture of my Ikea haul 🙂 I didn’t buy much, but I got some things that I needed and a few that I just wanted. That was pretty much our entire trip!  I loved to share it with you and hope you enjoyed seeing the things we did.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Chicago Trip

  1. When I went to Chicago, I walked what felt like miles too, while my daughter was working. I am so glad I was able to find my way back to her apartment. She was near Wrigley Field at the time, so maybe I used that as my focal point. How wonderful to have had mom/daughter time together….

  2. I have been wanting to visit Chicago for so long! I will need to make a trip soon! If you have time please visit my site, comment, like, and follow if you like 🙂

    XOXO, http:/www.missimperfectblonde.com

  3. I’m in Chicago right now. this is a great city. so much to see and do and everything is very compact , unlike Toronto (closest city to us in Canada). although i still love Toronto haha. one thing that is different here is the driving! driving is hell in Chicago. very aggressive. people ignore traffic lights changing and block intersections if traffic is backed up rather than waiting back until they can get through. we were at stand stills at green lights because cars that couldn’t get through the light went anyway and just sat in the intersection blocking the opposite traffic. it’s actually nuts! I’ll be blogging about my trip next week sometime 🙂 thanks for sharing about your trip.

    1. Awesome, are you liking it so far! I’ll have to read your post soon. Oh yes, they are awful at driving there! I try to avoid driving downtown at all costs, but it can’t always be helped. People in big cities tend to not be that courteous 😦

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