Don’t Wish Your Life Away

Each year that the fall semester of college begins, I feel older and older.  I still live in the city where I went to college because K is still studying and I just love this city. It’s absolutely wonderful and is just full of life and culture.  It is like a big city and a small town in one. It’s just perfect.  Sometimes, I take K to his office so that we can carpool and save on gas rather than both of us driving. He works on campus, so I inevitably see lots of students walking around.  The freshmen are shockingly young looking!  I guess at this point, I am about 7 years older than some of them.  Holy cow, time flies!

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to believe that I am nearing 30.  I exactly remember my childhood and it wasn’t that long ago!!  I never feel that I really “grew up.”  I am totally on my own now, financially, so I don’t know what this feeling of childhood-adult limbo is.

I don’t want to be a boring adult and my least favorite phrase to hear is “Will this day ever be over?”  I’m sad when days end! That means my life is a day shorter now.  I try to enjoy every day that I can and I’m really working on being more positive.

Now that winter is nearing, I am preparing myself mentally for the increase in illness.  During the colder months, I can really get down and REALLY anxious. My anxiety is cyclical and is much worse during the colder months.  I am trying not to fear the fall and winter.  Like last year, I tried to enjoy and observe all the beautiful things about the colder months and just take the time to find the things I appreciate.  I don’t want to say, “is this day almost over?”  I don’t want to reflect on the negative. I despise feeling sad and anxious and I need to be mindful of how I think, act, and feel in order to overcome those feelings. I CAN do it. DSC_0225

I implore all of you to stick with me and encourage me to remain positive.  Do you struggle with negativity? How do you stay mindful about yourself and grateful for the things you have in life?

I’d love to hear from you all on this!  I always appreciate when others share 🙂


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Don’t Wish Your Life Away


27 thoughts on “Don’t Wish Your Life Away

  1. I think about all of the good things that are in my life and take a look around the world and think about those that are less fortunate. We’ll keep you encouraged and in that positive light, Megan! For sure!

  2. Sorry you struggle so. I write in a gratitude journal everyday, even when one of the 10 things is I’m glad to have made it through the day. I’ve gone through deep depressions in my life but am past that now and have learned….this to shall pass. I like to just notice the little things….yummy food, pretty flowers or clouds, a smile, etc.

  3. This is so uplifting Megan! I find myself “wishing my life away” sometimes but I try not to. My goal is to enjoy all the moments of my life even if they didn’t seem that great at the time. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  4. Megan,
    Of course, you and I have similar weather to go through. I understand about the cold, especially late January through mid February, being just excessively miserable. I have a lot of computer-related activities that I do and it takes my mind off the bad weather and cold until I have to go outside in it. Then, I try to simply focus on doing what it takes to get there and then, I am back inside again.
    Sounds really simple – hmm, I guess it is. Must be why I like it. 🙂

      1. And I understand that those computer escapes cannot make it all better for most people. I love indoors; I love computers; I love games / gaming. So, it really works for me, but others can use it as one escape. A book or good movie or TV shows can do it, too. My! For about $15 a month I have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. There is no limit to all I can watch, and with an IPad, it becomes a mobile thing…wonderful escapes!!!

  5. I think about all the people who have it worse than I do. Then I think, life is a gift, treasure it, and I remind myself that 3 years ago I was facing a cancer scare and I thought I might die. I’m alive, I survived, and I’m so grateful every day. XX

  6. A few things I do to stay mindful: 1) Go on “old wo/man walks” in the morning..talking about not “getting old” I am 30 and I want to live a full life. I noticed the one common thing old people say is, they walk around a lot and ____ (whatever their niche is) but they all say, walking. I can’t shut my brain off, ever, so I went to bed over thinking, I just woke up from some effed up dreams, and now…I’m going on a walk around my neighborhood, helps me be more mindful for a few minutes 🙂

    (now I’m freaking out because my second point might not be a good one to share with someone who’s blog is OCD related?!) but as a schizo/major empath I get lost in my mind and others emotions easily, so I take time to write down my activities that I do during the day so that I don’t get super down and feel like “I haven’t done anything all day” …If this sounds like a bad idea to you, please forget I said it :?/

    1. That’s not a bad idea at all. I really like the idea of writing down what I’ve done throughout the day. I usually have that feeling of not having done enough at the end of the day and it does get me down.

      1. oh good! My system is fairly complex but works well for me, perhaps you might find parts of it useful.

        I use the dewey decimal system to put what category it falls into (300) social 438 (standard usage german) 648(household management)

        then I put what I did (“Talked on the phone with Sandra”, “lesson three, es geht mir gut“, “three loads of laundry”)

        And then I put my emought or “emotional thought” about the event (“she is wonderful, talked about ferris wheels!”, “es geht mir gut that’s funny :)”, “”)

        (I’ll truncate there because I can’t organize my additional thoughts :p)

  7. I use the online gratitude journal “Happier”. It forces me to think of something positive in my day, even in the depths of winter. Like, “I’m grateful for less homework.” Or “I just got a new tshirt today. It’s so pretty!” It forces me to smile which in spite of myself makes me happy.

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