A Beautiful Yukata by Les 3 Lunes on Etsy

As you all know by now, I have a lovely Pullip doll by the name of Clara that I received from Denver Doll Emporium. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with a lovely Etsy shop owner named Lorelei.  She owns and operates the shop Les 3 Lunes on Etsy, where she sells the beautiful doll clothes and accessories that she makes.  She is located in beautiful Montepellier, France.  Her shop is well-known for making Yukata.  I fell in love with her Yukata and asked her if she’s work with me.  I think we became friends through this cooperation.  Not only did she send me some of her shop goodies, but she also sent me some lovely things from France!

Most of you have probably heard of L’Occitane en Provence.  If you haven’t, it’s a very famous French skincare brand and they make some really luxurious, fragrant products. Lorelei sent me these two hand creams, probably L’Occitane’s most famous products.  One is in the rose scent and the other is in peony and they both smell so wonderful.  They are made with real flower essences.  She also was really gracious and sent me a postcard from Montepellier, as well as three postcards from Alsace Lorraine, which is a state in France that has changed between being a French state and being a German state many times over the centuries. It is also where my ancestors are from. On my paternal grandfather’s side, my family comes from Alsace Lorraine.  I can’t remember how many greats-ago that was, but my great…grandmother identified as French and my great…grandfather idenfitied as German. It was extremely thoughtful of her to send me those postcards. I have never been to my family homeland, so this is a wonderful reminder of where I came from.
This next little goodie smells so wonderfully! It is filled with dried roses I believe and is from Lorelei’s hometown of Montepellier.  I put the little sachet in my top drawer and I get the most heavenly fragrance every time I open it!  Roses are my absolute favorite flower and fragrance. Here is the business card for Les 3 Lunes that Lorelei sent with the package.  Isn’t the logo cute?
Here is what’s on the back of the card:    The Yukata that Lorelei made was especially made for me. She made it in fabric that she thought I would like and it turns out, I love it. I love delicate floral patterns and this fits the gentle, natural/woodsy aesthetic perfectly.  It is so well-made.  The sewing is perfect.
 Here is the back of the Yukata.  As you can see, the little obi is tied with a dainty, pink ribbon. I love that sweet little detail!  Here’s an up-close look at the fabric and the ribbon.
Here’s the interior liner of the Yukata.  It too has a light floral pattern, which is barely noticeable because it is printed in white. I love the white-on-white color of the interior.    The obi and ribbon again:
  There was yet another wonderful surprise in this package from Lorelei!  She made Clara a beautiful little hair pin and handbag to go with her Yukata. She put them in a little blue and gold mesh bag.    Aren’t they so detailed and precious?!  The little button detail on the handbag works like an actual button, so it’s not just for show.
  I was so excited to put Clara in Lorelei’s clothing and accessories.  She looks stunning in them! 
  I think the little hair pin goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit, don’t you?
Clara decided to rest on the edge of my bed 🙂 She looks very pleased with her new clothing!  

Thank you again, Lorelei, for working with me and being such a kind and sweet lady.  You are very talented and I’m humbled to have gotten the chance to know you.

Thank you all of my readers for going with me on my adventures as a kidult!  Who says adults can’t enjoy dolls or toys?

Have a good night everyone!

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23 thoughts on “A Beautiful Yukata by Les 3 Lunes on Etsy

  1. She’s a lovely doll. I have a beautifully dressed Japanese woman figure that I inherited from my uncle, who bought it on one of his trips to Hawaii. My other figures are of an old woman, a young woman with flowers, and a wild, red-headed, kitchen witch. I enjoy looking at them.

      1. I surely will! Youve been an eminent help and I’m sure Lorelei is gonna love it when I tell that you sent me to her! Keep blogging and Ive been loving your blogs a lot 🙂

  2. I am so happy to read this article ! I am a friend of Loreleï and I was on trip in Alsace when she ask me to come back with postal cards ! (Very funny because I never buy postal cards from my native country !)
    She made lovely things for dolls, her little bags and yukata are so well-made !! And I am very proud that you love her business card, because I made it *^* It’s always wonderful when she is complimented on her shop because she is very kind and nice, and I hope Les 3 Lunes will continue to be appreciated !

    I hope I will see more pictures of your lovely doll !
    (I am very sorry for my english, Google don’t really help me ^-^”)

    1. Lorelei is such a sweet lady and I had so much fun working with her. It was a real pleasure. It’s good to meet you too Lee! I love the postcards. They were a nice choice and it’s fun to see the area!

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