Friends, Food, and the Arts

We had beautiful weather this weekend! It was in the low 90s, which is hot, yes, but I love the heat!  It’s going to be gone from here soon and that makes me sad. K and I are going to San Diego in February, so I just need to hold out until then. I can have a short break from the cold weather then.

K and I decided to eat at an awesome Indian lunch buffet downtown. They have the best food! We love going there.  I could literally eat that food every day and not get tired of it.  To our surprise, there was a festival going on downtown.  An entire street was just full of tents and booths selling handmade artisan goods.  Everything was pretty expensive, so I didn’t come home with anything, but it was still fun to look.We live in such a little picturesque city. I love all the architecture here and the fact that it is a pedestrian and bicycle friendly community.  Of course, the streets were blocked off during the festival, but this is all still true everywhere in the city.
 We met our friend from Turkey and had lunch with her and walked through the festival looking at all the neat and unique artwork. To my surprise, my friend got me a gift from her hometown in Turkey 🙂 This handbag is from her hometown: She also remembered that I had once commented on a really pretty scarf she was wearing and brought a similar one back for me as well. Isn’t it pretty?
 I am happy to live in a cultural community that appreciates and supports the arts. There is so much to do in this town and I honestly would not mind living here my entire life.  There’s just so much life, culture, and great food here!  I love to have little things from all over the world. It makes my life seem that much bigger and a little less small 🙂

What sort of things do you enjoy in your city/town?

I’d love to hear from you!


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8 thoughts on “Friends, Food, and the Arts

  1. I love going to festivals downtown! The town that I live in does something called First Saturday. The theme is different each month. This weekend it was ” The Dog Days of Summer.” A lot of shops stay open later, and some even have specific deals for that day. Downtown Frederick makes it easy to support local businesses.
    P.S That scarf is gorgeous!

    1. That sounds so fun! I wish we had weekly festivals like that. Very neat. Here too our community really focuses on helping local and small businesses. I really do appreciate that 🙂

  2. You’re coming to San Diego? Awesome! Maybe I’ll run into you (but I doubt it because that would require me to do something other than work or school). Make sure you visit the zoo! It’s “world famous” for a reason! And when you’re done there Balboa Park is literally right next door (literally literally–the zoo is actually a part of Balboa Park).

    The scarf is gorgeous! I love it!

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