SnackFever Korean Snack Box August 2015

Hello everyone!

As you know, I am a huge fan of many things from Korea, mostly just K, but I also love the skincare, beauty, clothing, and food.  I consider Korean snacks to be housed under that Korean food umbrella.  I love many Korean snacks because they are never too much of one thing. What I mean is, they are really never too sweet, too salty, too spicy, or too sour.  🙂  The sweet snacks are my favorite and are always “just right” in terms of sweetness.  Although, having grown up in the era that I did in America, I could eat an entire container of straight-up cake icing.

What is SnackFever?

Well, it’s a rare disease only found in….nah I’m just kidding!  SnackFever is a Korean snack subscription box that is delivered to your door starting at just $11 a month with free shipping from the US to the US and Puerto Rico, and they ship internationally as well for an additional shipping fee depending on where you are in the world.  There are different plans available and you can choose one based on your snacking needs 🙂

You can sign up here and use code MEGANHASOCD for 15% off your first Original-sized box!

As soon as I heard about SnackFever, I knew I just had to try it out.  Her is what the box looks like:The Korean lettering at the bottom just reads “Snack Fever” in hangul. I was amazed at how much was packed into this box!  I believe this is the “Original Box” because there was just so much inside, but I might be wrong.
Here is the info card that came in the box that shows some of what is inside.  *Note* Not everything that is on the card is included in the box. Some substitutions are made based on the availability of some products.
  First up, there is this snack called “Yegam,” which according to K means “filling.”  We have yet to try it, so I can’t comment on how it tastes and K has never had it, but it is a pretty large snack.  I’m excited to try it out.   These are two suckers, which I think are called Star Pops.  They have cute little characters on them 🙂
  I think the characters are aliens, but I’m not 100% sure 🙂  I need to bring these to work on the days when my blood sugar is weird. This snack is called the “Lotte Sand Black.”  I think you can probably guess what these taste similar too 🙂   This is a good-sized snack.
Korean people seem to really enjoy instant coffee.  As a coffee connoisseur myself, I’m not really a fan of instant coffee. That doesn’t mean this doesn’t taste good.  I think Korean instant coffee tastes great, better than the American versions I’ve tried. However, you just don’t really get that kick that you get from drinking freshly brewed coffee.  I have tried other brands of Korean instant coffee and have heard of this brand, which is “Caffe Bene”, but have never tried it.
As you can see in the picture below, it is called the Bene Stick Mixpresso 🙂 I thought that is a really cute and clever name.
This yummy little guy is my second favorite snack so far from the box.  It is called the “French Pie”, but actually is spelled out “Hoo-rench Pie” in hangul, so not sure why that is, but it is a flakey little pastry with a strawberry jelly on top.  It’s pretty darn good. Not too sweet and not too bland and I love the texture. This next snack is a “Butter Waffle,” which is very similar to the Belgium waffle snacks, if you’ve ever had those, in both taste, texture, and shape.  There were two packs of three in this box. I’ve had these many times before, probably because they are K’s favorite snack 🙂
This snack is called “Choco Heim.”  It is my favorite Korean snack, not just in the box, but of all Korean snacks 😀  It is a basically tubes of melty chocolate covered by a thin layer of flaky waffle.  They are awesome. I already ate this thing like immediately upon opening the box.     This bag of snacks is called “Honey Butter Potato Fries.”  I haven’t tried these yet, but they look darn good.
These are the “Honey and Apple Twist Snacks,” and K and I ate them last night.  They have an awesome, crunchy texture and are sweet with a hint of apple and honey.  They remind me a bit of a really crunchy crinkle fry in terms of texture 🙂 I noticed Koreans kind of like lightly sweetened, potato-based snacks. You can’t really find many snacks like this in the aisles of American grocery stores.
K was excited about this package of ramen (aka ramyun in Korean). He loves Korea ramen.  Honestly, I’ve never had this flavor before, but it looks great and not as nuclear as most Korean ramen.
So, I was cleaning the house the other day and was getting seriously thirsty.  I remembered I had this can of Lotte Refreshing Water in peach flavor from the SnackFever box and grabbed it and drank it all in like a few gulps.  Korean canned drinks are pretty “small” compared to American standards, but I’m fine with that. We consume too much here.  The taste of this drink is really light and refreshing and has only just a hint of peach juice. I actually find it really delicious 🙂  I’m probably going to go to our local Korean market and buy a case.  
  This SnackFever box also included an assortment of little hard candies 🙂  The almond one is awesome. 
 Last among the snacks in this box is the “Well-Done Almond Mochi Cake.”  I love anything with mochi and almond, so the combination is pretty spot-on for me.  The texture is just like mochi, but it is encased in a thin layer of chocolate, kind of like a peppermint patty, but not the same flavor at all. SnackFever also included a set of silver chopsticks!  🙂 We really needed new ones, so this was a pleasant surprise and a nice little keepsake from this month’s box.
  Here’s a last look at everything in the box.  Isn’t it an amazing amount of goodies?!
I absolutely love this subscription box and am definitely thinking of continuing my subscription. K was really excited to get this and that kind of happiness, if only a little, is something I love to be able to give to him.

Have you tried any of these Korean snacks before? Which would you be most interested in trying? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

If you want your own box, you can sign up here and use code MEGANHASOCD for 15% off your first Original-sized box!



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Disclaimer: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  All statements and opinions above are my own. All pictures are my own. Please do not use my photos without my consent. 


11 thoughts on “SnackFever Korean Snack Box August 2015

  1. We had a Korean young woman join the physically challenged (ministry for same) group at CHILDREN’S BIBLE FELLOWSHIP…her Dad brought a large amount of processed fish….ALMOST LIKE STICKS STUCK TOGETHER….multi-colored! Unfortunately, we lost power that winter and lost most of it 😦 Do they have snacks for diabetics?

      1. Of course….K has you…the sweetest thing this side of crushed sugar cane juice over ice! My wife and I just celebrated our 26 year and 3 month anniversary…and her 61st birthday on Sept. 8th…I married an older woman! Well….I shouldn’t have too many sweets anyway…surgeon says I gotta lose more weight so the foot will heal! 😀

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