Xplosive CosmetiX on Etsy: A Sweet Little Indiana Business

I recently found the cutest bath, body, and makeup shop on Etsy called Xplosive CosmetiX!  I was drawn to this shop because of the unique scents and product varieties that they sell, but was even more excited to find out that everything is handmade right here in Indiana!  How great is that?!  I love helping out small businesses and I think doing so not only helps the local economy, but promotes the production of high quality, handmade goods that are made and sourced nearby.  As is a common belief in my community, I believe that it is important for us all to consider shopping locally whenever possible.

Now, about the shop.  Xplosive CosmetiX sells some really yummy bath and body products, as well as some makeup items.  This is a hugely successful Etsy shop and I’m kind of proud to say that about a fellow Hoosier 🙂  Xplosive CosmetiX sells Whipped Soap, Handmade Bar Soap, Sugar Scrubs, Eyeshadow and Blush, Body Glitter, and Perfumes.  The bath and body products come in a number of delectable scents.  I am a huge fan of beauty products that smell like sweets, so I was excited that Xplosive CosmetiX offers such scents as birthday cake, marshmallow fluff, warm sugar, and cotton candy among many others.

Danielle is the very kind and considerate owner of Xplosive CosmetiX and I am very happy to have had the pleasure of working with her.  She included this really sweet card with a personal message written on the back:


She generously sent me four of her incredible products.  Here is what Danielle sent me.  I wanted you to see how wonderfully and carefully she packaged everything:

FullSizeRender-76 FullSizeRender-78

Here is everything that she sent me:


Isn’t it all so pretty?!  I love the confetti that she used to help package everything.  That’s a really nice touch that fits the “explosive” theme of the shop.

Let’s take an up-close look at everything that was inside:

Fluffy Whipped Soap in Birthday Cake

IMG_2853-1 I LOVE anything that tastes or smells like birthday cake.  My favorite ice cream is birthday cake flavor. I love birthday cake candles, lotions, body washes, etc.  Obviously I love actual birthday cake. I REALLY love this Xplosive CosmetiX Whipped Soap in Birthday Cake.  Holy cow is this stuff amazing.  It smells exactly like birthday cake and looks like icing, with sprinkles!  Here, have a look:IMG_2854 I do not kid when I say this smells good enough to eat.  I had to restrain myself from doing so.  The sprinkles are a really nice touch and they make it even yummier looking.

Handmade Bar Soap in Flirt
IMG_2855Xplosive CosmetiX has a number of really beautiful, handmade bar soaps.  I was actually first attracted to this shop because of the bar soaps.  This particular bar soap is made with coconut milk, shea butter, and aloe and is vegan friendly 🙂  It smells really heavenly.  I don’t know what it smells like exactly because it is a mix of luxurious scents.  Here is a picture of the neat top of this soap:
IMG_2856-1 On the back is a label describing the scents.  Flirt is a mixture of sparkling cherry, citrus orange, lime, raspberry, cantaloupe, grapefruit, kumquat, jasmine, and violet.  No wonder I couldn’t describe it!  The smells together create a really delicate and pleasant fragrance.  IMG_2857-1

Perfume Oil in Pink Candy Apple

IMG_2858-1 Probably my favorite product that Danielle sent me is the Xplosive CosmetiX Perfume Oil in Pink Candy Apple.  I have ever tried a perfume oil before, but as soon as I opened this, the smell was perfect.  It is yummy and very unique as a perfume.  It’s not overwhelming at all and is the perfect amount of fragrance for everyday use.  This will be my new daily perfume. It is not “oily” at all.  It’s made with a mixture of coconut oil, vitamin E, and the pink candy apple fragrance.  IMG_2859-1 It glides on smoothly with the help of a roller applicator.  The oil absorbs quickly, as is the nature of this particular mixture of oils.  I put this on about a couple of hours ago and I can still smell it.  K likes it too! He compliments me every time I wear it.  IMG_2860

Mineral Eyeshadow in Honey Love
IMG_2861I am a huge fan of loose mineral eyeshadows because they are always much more pigmented than their pressed counterparts.  Xplosive CosmetiX has a line of mineral eyeshadows and blushes.  Honey Love is great for daily wear.  It’s my favorite type of shade because it is neutral, yet shimmery.
IMG_2862-1 The container is just the right amount of shadow, which is perfect for me because I don’t use a ton of it during the day and you don’t want it to expire before you can use it all. IMG_2863-1I hope in this picture you can see just how pretty this shade is when it hits the light.  I really do like it a lot!  With some eyeshadow primer, this will be great to wear to the office.

Overall, I am more than impressed with Xplosive CosmetiX in terms of quality of products, variety, scent, and most of all, customer service and company ideals.  I will be visiting Xplosive CosmetiX on Etsy before the holidays.  These will make great holiday gifts!  What are you thoughts on this shop?  What are your favorite types of scents? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading friends 🙂


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Disclaimer: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  All statements, opinions, and photos above are my own. 


6 thoughts on “Xplosive CosmetiX on Etsy: A Sweet Little Indiana Business

  1. Smiling from ear to ear here! =D I am so happy that you enjoyed our products that was sent! 🙂 Your picture taking is beautiful! Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness of sharing our small lil’ handmade business on your amazing blog!

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