A Gorgeous Renaissance Gown by Handmade By HOOH

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jane, the owner and creator of Handmade By HOOH, an Etsy shop that sells handmade, quality BJD clothing.  Jane is incredibly talented and was generous enough to make an Italian Renaissance-style gown for my 1/4 sized ball jointed doll.  The doll this is meant for is still being created, but I have another 1/4 doll that will be modeling it today 🙂

The dress came so kindly packaged all the way from Wales in the United Kingdom.  As weird as this may sound, it smells really good! I have no idea if Jane’s house just smells awesome or what, but it is really pleasant smelling.  The gown is simple, yet very elegant and detailed.  The skirt is caramel and ivory striped and the bodice is ivory.  The material is satiny and has a nice shine to it.  Jane also made a headpiece for the dress, which is reminiscent of those worn during the Renaissance.  Here is a picture of the gown and headpiece:IMG_3213-1 I know you can’t tell from the picture, but this dress is large.  1/4 dolls are 1/4 the proportions of humans, so maybe that’s a bit of reference for you.

The neckline is really beautifully detailed with a beaded embellishment along the collar.  I really like the ruffles along the neckline and think they tie in nicely with the open-work sleeves.IMG_3215-1 The sleeves are really detailed and expertly-made.  Jane used beading and a bit of ribbon to lace the open-work sleeves. They’re really delicate and pretty.  I can’t wait for my doll, Lucrezia, to get here and wear it.  She will be perfect in it. IMG_3216 The back of the dress is very detailed as well.  A sign of a thoughtful and expert seamstress is the detailing in fastenings.  The dress closes in the back with beads and loops, which is very intricate and difficult for a noob like me to make.  This is some beautiful work and really makes this entire gown one-of-a-kind.IMG_3217 The headpiece is very pretty as well. It matches the gown, but also has it’s own design and flair.  I think the contrasting, darker colors of the headpiece go really nicely with the lighter colors of the gown.  Jane included some pins to keep the headpiece in place, but I’m almost 100% sure Chester batted them under the refrigerator because I can’t find them anywhere and I think I remember that nerd doing that….IMG_3218-1 Lucrezia will be gorgeous in this gown.  My doll Charlotte, on the other hand, is a bit more flat-chested and wider than Lucrezia, but the dress still fits her enough to model it.  Charlotte is a Peak’s Woods Lady Bee.

Here she is by the window:IMG_3276-1 The little heart-shaped necklace is from Little Monsters Atelier 🙂 IMG_3279

The dress fits this sized doll very well.  It’s totally unique and very beautiful. I’ve already been showing it off around the BJD groups on Facebook and on Instagram.  DSC_0047

As you can tell, my little dolls are very spoiled and they provide me with an outlet for creativity.  I’m really happy to be able to share my creative in this way to all of my readers.  Thanks for reading and do check out Handmade by HOOH to see more of her gorgeous works and to commission something unique for yourself.

Thanks again!

Handmade by HOOH

Little Monsters Atelier

Peak’s Woods BJD

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Disclaimer: The products discussed above were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  While this post is sponsored, these opinions are 100% true and my own.


8 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Renaissance Gown by Handmade By HOOH

  1. Cool! Very pretty! We usually always go to the Renaissance Festival every fall. I would love to dress up as some of the other die hard fans out there in costumes. Have you ever been to a festival?

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