Etude House October 2015 Pink Bird Box

I really enjoyed this month’s Etude House Pink Bird box! It has some adorable Halloween items as well as two lipsticks to celebrate Etude’s 10th anniversary 🙂

Here is a look at everything I received this month:IMG_3224 IMG_3220 I thought it was really neat to have Halloween-themed items, even thought according to K, Korea doesn’t celebrate Halloween (as far as he knows today).  IMG_3221Here’s the paper describing the enamel lipsticks to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Etude House.  I’m happy to be part of this celebration and that I can show to you this favorite brand of mine 🙂
IMG_3222-1 Etude House sent me two of their Dear My Enamel Lips Talk lipsticks.  They are both quite bold colors and not something I’d wear normally, but they’d be fun for this fall and winter. For me, I like to be a bit more daring with my makeup during the fall and winter just because it makes me happy to look “pretty” and the cold months make me quite sad.  I love the packaging on these lipsticks! The boxes and lipstick tube have a very retro 60’s or 70’s feel. IMG_3225-1 The colors they sent me are the PK004 and RD303.  IMG_3226-1 Aren’t the tubes cute?!  I love the little ribbon and the shape of the types.  These are really unique and very typical of the Etude House aesthetic.  IMG_3227 As you can see, the colors are quite bold!  With darker colors like this, it’s really important to wear a liner of some sort. I prefer translucent liner, which is also universal and works with all colors of lipsticks.  A good tip: use clear finishing powder on your lips to seal in the color and prevent color bleeding 🙂  The Dear My Enamel Lips Talk lipsticks are very buttery and smooth and have a glossy sheen to them. They are not drying or chalky in the slightest.  IMG_3228-1 Now, onto the Halloween themed items!  Etude House sent me a bottle of the limited edition Halloween Play Nail polish in #05.  The bottle is so cute! It has a little witch flying on a broom over a cityscape.  It’s not totally black, but has hints of glitter.  This is my first time trying out an Etude House nail polish and I’m really excited to do so.  Because this weekend is Halloween, I’m going to paint them and add the stickers that they gave me as well.  The nail stickers include Halloween things, like pumpkins, cats (haha), candy, witches brooms, ghosts, etc.  Very cute. I’m definitely wearing this tonight. IMG_3229 Here’s a closer look at the nail polish:IMG_3230-1 And the stickers:IMG_3231-1 My favorite product that Etude House sent me this month is this Halloween-themed eyeshadow palette!  It’s called the Fantastic Color Eyes Hello Pumpqueen palette.  Pumpqueen!  How darn cute.  The colors are Halloween/Autumn themed.  IMG_3232-1 IMG_3233-1 The colors in this palette are warm and neutral and definitely remind me of this time of year.  The first color is actually a liner or lip gloss. I didn’t actually swatch it below.  Front left to right, the colors of the palette are: Cacao Fondue, Brown Sugar, Pearl Lantern, Honey Pumpkin, Caramelizing, A Piece of Pie.  Super cute and I love that this is Halloween/Autumn themed.  It’s just really cozy.  The swatch below is of the colors in order, minus the Cacao Fondue. IMG_3235-1

I especially like the Pearl Lantern and Caramelizing colors because they are shimmery and I prefer shimmer eyeshadows.

I really loved this month’s Pink Bird Box and can’t wait to wear these warm and inviting colors in the next couple of months 🙂

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Disclaimer: The products discussed above were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  While this post is sponsored, these opinions are 100% true and my own.


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