Clothes for Pullip and Tangkou by Karyn Ruby Designs

I had the wonderful chance to meet the owner and creator of KarynRuby Designs on Etsy.  Karyn is a very talented lady and she is well known for her vintage-style mohair stuffed animal creations, as well as her handmade, vintage-style doll clothing.  She specializes in Blythe, Tangkou, and Pullip clothing.  These three doll types are known for their disproportionate head and body size.  To be honest with you, I had no idea what Tangkou dolls were until Karyn introduced them to me.  Tangkou dolls originated from Hong Kong in 2011 and, like Blythe dolls, they have disproportionate heads and color changing eyes.  I’ll show you more about Tangkou later.

I was initially attracted to KarynRuby Designs because of the unique Pullip clothing that she designs and creates.  I’ve never seen anything like her designs anywhere online.  No one really makes vintage-style clothing for Pullip dolls that I’ve come across, not like Karyn’s designs anyway.  Karyn not only creates vintage-style doll clothing and animals, but she also uses vintage materials and even hand-dyes some of the fabrics, which gives them a really unique, antique aesthetic.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really gotten to know Karyn while working with her and have found that she is a genuinely sweet and caring person and really has a passion for what she does.  I really feel like this type of talent and kindness should be celebrated and encouraged, so please take some time and visit Karyn’s shop or Facebook Page.  You can even see an interview that she did with a local television station.  You can find the video here.  I love the video because it really puts a face to KarynRuby Designs and gives you a sense of who Karyn is as a person and just how passionate and involved she is with her creations.

Karyn was incredibly kind when working with me, consistently updating me on her progress the entire time.  She ended up sending me quite a few things to showcase on my site.  I’d like to share those things with you now and hope that my photos really show Karyn’s designs in the best of light 🙂  She sent me a number of Pullip outfits, Tangkou outfits, and even a Tangkou doll, which I named Eve, to model the outfits.

The package was neatly wrapped in shipping paper and inside was this beautiful box full of sweet words.  This box is perfect for storing all of the
IMG_3236The box was absolutely packed and each item was carefully sealed in a plastic baggie marked either “Tangkou” or “Pullip” depending on which doll it was for. IMG_3237-1I really was overwhelmed initially by all of these wonderful, handmade things that I didn’t know where to start with this post.  I decided to put pieces together that I felt were reminiscent of one another.

These two dresses are probably my favorite, just because they are Halloween-themed and Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I love all things spooky and the colors of the holiday are comforting to me.  The dress on the left is for Pullip and the one on the right is for Tangkou.  As you can see, the Tangkou dress is slightly longer and wider than the Pullip dress.  This is because the Tangkou doll is about 2″ taller than the Pullip and her proportions are a tad bigger all over. Aren’t these precious? 🙂 I wish I had one like this to fit me!
IMG_3238-1These two dresses each came with an apron.  The one on the left is for Pullip and the one on the right is for Tangkou.  The Pullip apron has cats on it!  Another item I wish came in human sizes 😀  I love these little dresses. They remind me of country-living, which really takes me back to childhood and my grandma, who never actually wore dresses, but the fabrics remind me of her for some reason.  IMG_3240Out of all the dresses that Karyn sent me, I think this one is my favorite for the Pullip doll.  This is a Wednesday Adams type dress and I think it is just spooky, yet cute.  I would certainly wear this myself!  My Pullip doll, Clara, is currently wearing this. IMG_3241-1This is a pajama set for Pullip dolls.  The little details are amazing!  I believe Karyn hand-dyed this fabric, as you can see the color variations throughout, which I think really gives it a unique, handmade and country character.  I love the little ribbons!IMG_3242-1This flower dress is for Tangkou and it reminds me of something from the 40s or 50s.  I just love this style with the wide-necked collar and the flower detailing. It’s very pretty. IMG_3243-1

This purple dress for Tangkou is very similar to the flower dress above.  I love how antiquated this one feels, even though it is new.  I am a fan of antiques and anything vintage, so this unique style of dress is perfect for my tastes. Eve is currently wearing this. IMG_3249-1This cardigan and sets of stockings are made to actually fit both Pulip and Tangkou.  Clara is currently wearing the striped stockings with her Wednesday Adams dress and Eve is wearing the cardigan.IMG_3244-1This is my favorite accessory that Karyn sent me.  It is an adorable, furry animal hood for my Pullip Clara. Its truly amazing how well this hood is made.  Not only is it expertly lined with a silky material, but it is aged to look vintage.  It fits Clara perfectly and was a cute addition to her Halloween attire.  I have her on my shelf wearing this right now. It’s simply beautiful. IMG_3245IMG_3246Karyn didn’t want to leave Eve feeling left out, so she made this cute flora crown just for her!  She is wearing it now alongside Clara and they look so sweet next to one another with their little costumes 🙂IMG_3247-1Here are some beautiful hair accessories that Karyn sent me.  I honestly forgot to photograph them on the dolls later on.  They are really pretty and are dolly sized. IMG_3248-1I took photos of the girls in all of their new KarynRuby Designs attire 🙂 I hope you enjoy these pictures from the photoshoot!  I took the photos mostly inside the diorama I made.  Clara is my Pullip, which is sponsored by Denver Doll Emporium, and Eve is the Tangkou recently given to me by Karyn.  I love these girls so much and Eve is like the older sister to Clara! It’s amazing how much they actually kind of look alike 🙂
IMG_3251IMG_3252-1IMG_3253-1IMG_3255-1IMG_3257-1Here are the girls as they are now sitting on my dresser 🙂 IMG_3289Before concluding this review, I’d like to show you the neat thing about Tangkou dolls: their eyes change colors!  They don’t change colors by themselves, but if you push this heart shaped button on the back of their heads, then the eyes change. IMG_3267There are four color changes, as you can see in this picture below.  Each time you press the button, the eyes change in both color and position. I love this feature and wish that Pullip dolls were made this way as well, but oh well.  I am really happy with this Tangkou doll and think that they really should be more popular among doll collectors. I honestly think they are more mature looking than both Pullip and Blythe dolls and have their own look as well.  I think they would be a perfect, unique addition to anyone’s doll collection.  IMG_3298

Again, please do check out KarynRuby’s Designs in the links below.  With the holidays coming up, you might find something unique and made with love for the special person in your life.

Thank you for reading!


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Tangkou Dolls

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Disclaimer: The products discussed above were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  While this post is sponsored, these opinions are 100% true and my own.


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