SweetNDoll BJD Box Opening

In the past 6 months, I have come to love doll collecting, something that I’ve actually done my entire life, but only recently got back into.  I think they call this being a “kiddult” 🙂 Or maybe it’s just weird.  Call it what you may, but something I have come to realize is that I found how to use my imagination again and how to enjoy creating things again, which are things I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid.  I hated that feeling of not being able to “play” anymore and really, really missed that awesome feeling of getting lost in another world like I used to when I played with dolls as a kid.  When I was really small, I played with babies. I loved baby dolls and had many of them. When I got a little older, baby dolls changed to Barbies, which my sister and I played with for years and years. In elementary school through middle school, I got into collecting porcelain dolls and had a good number of them. I think they are all still at my mom’s house, but I’m not sure.  From high school until about 6 months ago, school took over my life and I no longer had fun playing with dolls.

I discovered Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) a couple of years ago, but only bought my first one 6 months ago. I have learned how to crochet for them and my crochet skills have improved greatly. I’ve created characters out of two of my dolls and have worked on creating back stories for them. It’s so fun and I am happy to have something like this in my life right now.

Now that you’ve come to understand a little more about me, I want to introduce my latest BJDs to you 🙂  I found SweetNDoll, a small Korean BJD company, and absolutely fell in love with the sculpts (different dolls).  I love the style of Korean BJD companies and found that SweetNDoll BJDs have a very sweet, childlike charm to them.  SweetNDoll BJD currently specializes in YoSD (1/6 scale dolls), AKA USD in Korea, and tinies (20 cm or smaller or 1/12 scale).

Since September of 2015, I’ve been in contact with Nang-do, the owner and sculptor at SweetNDoll BJD. During that time, Nang-do was creating two of the YoSDs for me.  Just in case you didn’t know, BJDs take a long time to make because they are almost always made to order and by hand, which is why they are so pricey.  When you see one of these beauties in real life, then you will understand how they are worth every penny.

Nang-do at SweetNDoll sent the package all the way from Korea to me in the United States and it took only 3 days to arrive. It was incredibly fast, which is a major plus for me. International shipping times can be a drawback for some companies, but it is comforting to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The dolls and their accessories arrived in a large shipping box and inside was a carefully bubble-wrapped blue and white striped cardboard chest.  This was like Christmas all over again. I was so excited to open the box!


I opened the box to see such wonder and beauty!  This box was absolutely full of goodies. I kind of opened it like an excited ape, but it was perfectly packaged, each item was safe and sound and wrapped lovingly in bubble wrap or tissue paper. IMG_3803

Inside, there were 3 certificates of authenticity, which means that these sculpts are authentic SweetNDoll BJDs and that they were completed on the certificate date, and are not recast dolls. IMG_3809

The very first things in the box were these amazingly detailed and beautiful YoSD-sized hanbok, which is the traditional dress of Korea. Nang-do sent three of them and they are each unique and really, really lovely. IMG_3838

These hanbok are complete and accurate to life-sized hanbok, which means that they come with multiple pieces.  There are even the undergarments and socks!  I have these in my size 🙂IMG_3814

And…there were tiny traditional Korean shoes!  These are almost miniatures of the pair I own for myself 🙂

IMG_3808There was also a little bag of hair clips and pins that can double as detailing for the dresses. IMG_3816

Nang-do was kind enough to send extra elastic, magnets, and eye putty.IMG_3817

Here is SweetNDoll’s beautiful business card 🙂IMG_3818

Not only did Nang-do ship two full dolls, but I found this extra “floating” head as a surprise!  It’s wonderful 🙂 I think this sculpt is Yu-Seoul. I love her little pouty lips!IMG_3820

Now…it’s time for the babies!  I have never seen such quality, cute, and soft BJD carrying bags. These are unique to SweetNDoll and are thickly padded to keep the dolls safe and sound. IMG_3821


When I untied the carrier, I found a carefully bubble-wrapped doll.  IMG_3824

And two little extra clutched hands 🙂 See how many joints these dolls have?  My favorite thing about SweetNDoll BJDs is the smoothness of the joints.  I bought another BJD back in September and while she is stunning, her joints are rough. These are so smooth and connect very well to each other. This doll is, I think, InA.  I can’t tell from this picture.IMG_3826

But wait, there’s another doll 🙂 IMG_3828

This lovely gal came with extra hands as well 🙂 I think this sculpt is called Yeon-woo.IMG_3830

I put the two complete dolls in two of the hanbok and I absolutely love how sweet they look. I bought the wigs from an Etsy shop and the eyes from eBay. I think I did well and that they match these SweetNDolls perfectly 🙂IMG_3832

I took a few pictures of the things I got in the lightbox, so that you can see them a bit better. The details of the hanbok are my favorite. I also really like that these heads don’t have to be taken completely off to give the doll a new faceup, but instead the head just pops off and attaches with strong magnets.

Look at her little hands and the details in the norigae (hanbok charm)!I’m just letting you know now, but you will see more of these babies. I’m incredibly proud of them and right now, two of the faceplates are heading to the UK to get faceups, which is the term used to describe the painting/coloring of faces on dolls.  I can’t wait to show them off when they get back!

Thank you for reading this incredibly long post 🙂



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16 thoughts on “SweetNDoll BJD Box Opening

  1. I prefer to think of it as “being a person who likes things.”

    I know so many adults who feel the need to apologize for their hobbies and interests. Just be you!

  2. This is just SOOOO CUTE!!! And incredible, I didn’t know this type of subscription boxes existed! Maybe because I am in USA, a disadvantage because I can’t get this here. Beautiful, beautiful post!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s very sweet of you. They are really adorable 🙂 This is actually not a subscription box, but something I ordered from the shop. I am in the United States too actually and she does ship here, so it is possible for you to get them in the US and actually anywhere in the world 🙂

  3. Beautiful, I have been a fan of BJD’s for years but have never bought one. Mainly as they cost a lot and i cannot decide on one! (Although i do have one i keep going back to, and have done for years so maybe i should just go for it!)
    My other reservation is that I already collect My Little Pony and Transformers toys and merch, and i’m scared what might happen to my bank balance if i start on dolls too!

    Those Hanboks and shoes are so beautiful too!

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