A Stunning BJD Mori Girl Set by GGDoll Fashions

Galina Schoettger, owner and creator of GGDollFashions on Etsy, is well known for her BJD fashion designs across Asia.  She specializes in handmade, silk Kimono and Lolita Fashion for BJD, but also loves to create historical pieces as well.  She creates BJD clothing for 1/3 sized dolls and 1/4 sized dolls.  Recently, Galina has begun creating Mori fashion for BJDs. I recently bought/adopted a Peak’s Woods Lady Bee (I’ve named her Dottie), which is a 1/4 sized BJD.  Galina was very kind and created a Mori girl outfit set for Dottie!  I was very happy to be working with her again and knew that Dottie would look perfect in this style of clothing.

The package Galina sent me arrived within a week all the way from Singapore and it was packaged with care.  I was incredibly impressed by just how elaborate and detailed this set is.  I will go through all the pieces that were included in the set.

There are several layers to this outfit, which makes it a chore to put on Dottie, but it’s well worth it when you see the final product 🙂  Outfits with many layers are typical of Mori fashion.

Here are the undergarments.  These are a pair of carefully crafted stockings and bloomers.  Believe it or not, undergarments are important for BJD clothing to prevent staining from any dyed fabrics.  Resin stains easily, so this is something I am always appreciative of when sellers provide protective undergarments.


This is a detailed blouse that can be worn several ways. I chose to use it as an undershirt and I think that’s what Galina intended it to be. It snaps in the back and is designed to cover the entire torso. Again, this is a great way to protect the delicate resin of these dolls.

The next layer is a petticoat, which has an attached bodice and closes in the back with lace ribbons.  I put this over the blouse, bloomers, and stockings.  The little layers are so detailed and really add a beautiful feature to this gown. IMG_3917

The next layer is a cream colored petticoat that fits over the previous petticoat.  This is just a skirt, no bodice.  I think it can be worn as an overskirt and doesn’t even need additional layers to get a totally different look from the final product.  I really like the colors used in this skirt and the buttons make it easy to fasten around the other petticoat. IMG_3918

We are almost to the final layer, but this is the main part of the gown. It is made to fit over all of the previous layers.  This is the most detailed piece of the entire set.  There are carefully sewn buttons, ribbons, lace detailing, and many layers of fabric.  It’s such a beautiful blue color as well!

Here is a closeup of the buttons and ribbons.  This is a really thick, high quality fabric and it will hold up well over time.


The final layer and my favorite layer, is this lacy jacket. It covers the entire gown, which softens the blue of the previous layer and really gives the outfit an ethereal look.  There are several buttons that run the length of the jacket and they are very delicate and sweet.  IMG_3921

My favorite part is the Alice in Wonderland inspired ties!  Aren’t they adorable? IMG_3922

To finish the look, Galina created two headbands.  Here is the blue headband.  It’s so lovely and really finished the blue look.  I like the pearl strands 🙂

Here is Dottie wearing the other headband. It’s made of a cream lace and small, coral-colored rosebuds.  It looks perfect with her red wig.


I decided to give her two different looks using this set.  Here she is wearing only the cream colored pieces with the white jacket.  I love how this looks and this photo is one of my favorites from this photoshoot. I took it on my vintage, green armchair and I think it almost looks like she’s sitting in a garden next to a green hedge 🙂DSC_0182

Here is another detail I did not feature above.  This is a really neat little charm that hangs from the buttons on the jacket.  It is detachable, so I can add it or not. It’s a pretty bronze pendant with a white flower in the center.DSC_0195

Here is the second look I created with this set.  I used the blue pieces and a blonde wig for Dottie, which I think compliments the blue better than her red wig. She looks like Alice from Alice in Wonderland! 🙂 DSC_0209

I am again astounded by the level of detail and care that Galina has put into creating this stunning Mori girl BJD outfit set.  There are just so many pieces and I hope I did each little detail some level of justice 🙂  If you are looking for a high quality, one of a kind gift or just a luxurious treat for yourself, check out Galina’s Etsy shop!  If you don’t see something that suits your tastes in stock, she is more than happy to work with customers to make commissions.  Thank you again Galina 🙂

Check out the links below to connect further with Galina.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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Disclaimer: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  All statements, opinions, and photos above are my own. 


8 thoughts on “A Stunning BJD Mori Girl Set by GGDoll Fashions

  1. How dainty! I have never heard of BJD dolls before. They are really pretty.

    I just discovered your blog. I have OCD, too. I’ve had it for 13 years. I wrote a bit about my OCD on my blog today. I think it’s wonderful you are helping to bring awareness to the disorder. So many don’t understand it & I think it’s important that people do. It’s just like any other illness, but it’s in our head, so it can seem invisible to people. Thank you for being a voice!

    Kate from http://www.kateboheme.blogspot.com

    1. Hello Kate! I’m sorry for the very delayed reply. I’ve been taking a break from blogging and haven’t addressed any comments in the meantime. Yes, the dolls are very pretty! They are one of the many things I collect.
      Thank you for sharing about yourself and I appreciate meeting someone else with OCD who is open about her experiences. I enjoy bringing awareness to the world and hope I can continue doing so. Good to meet you Kate!

  2. Beautiful craft work, the dedication it must take to make such outfits! I think i prefer it with the blue dress, but i like colour!

    The doll is also beautiful, I was eyeing up the peakes wood dolls a couple of days ago.

    1. Peak’s Woods make some of my favorite sculpts and I’ll always be a fan, even though I’m tending toward more realistic looking dolls these days. They are so beautiful 🙂

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