April 2016 Kawaii Box Review + Giveaway!

Hello Everyone 🙂

I know I have been MIA for sometime now, but I have never been truly away. I’m always here, lurking around. Summertime is good to me.  I have some major, personal news to share, but I’m working on a separate post for that. It is forthcoming, hopefully within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I wanted to write a review and host a giveaway for everyone that is hanging in there and who has always supported my little blog. I just want those of you who comment to know, I do read all comments even if it takes me a bit to reply.

Kawaii Box was very generous and asked me to review another of their monthly subscription boxes. I was happy to do so because this is one of my favorite subscription boxes out there! It’s fairly inexpensive and comes with tons of cute little things, most of which I’ve never even seen before. (Keep reading to the end for the giveaway)!

Kawaii Box is a subscription box service that operates out of Singapore, so it does take a bit of time to get the package, but they ship all over the world for free!  Plans start at around $18/month and each box contains 10-12 kawaii items from Korea and Japan.

Here is a peak at everything that came in April’s box:


The box includes a card with everything that is included inside. This month, they sent me 12 items.

  • Oerkaki Sherbet DIY Candy Kit
  • Kawaii Face Mini Purse
  • Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers
  • Egg Highlighters Set
  • Emoticon Squishy Charm
  • Anpanman Ramune Candy
  • Bonjour Envelop Set
  • 3D Panda Card Sticker
  • Ghost Family Pen
  • Glow in the Dark Stickers
  • Korean Deco Tape Set
  • Pastel Hair Loops & Pins


I’m going to introduce each item and tell you a bit about them, from my experience at least.

This first picture is of the Oerkaki Sherbet DIY Candy Kit and the Anpanman Ramune Candy.  For full disclosure, I am not a fan of tart, sugary candy. I really never have been, mostly because I am prone to mouth sores. While the shape of the little Anpanman Candy is cute, they were not that yummy in my personal opinion. I haven’t tried the DIY candy kit yet, but the ones I’ve gotten in the past were ok tasting, but pretty fun and very unique. I’ve never seen anything like that come out of the US.


These three items are, from left to right, the Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers, Glow in the Dark Stickers, and the Bonjour Envelop Set.  These are all going to be fun little additions to anything I decide to give as gifts or mail out. I love putting a little cute sticker on things because it adds a cute touch 🙂 The envelopes will be great for putting my little crochet wares in when I sell them to people.  The envelops are probably one of my favorite things in this box.


The envelopes are followed closely by this Egg Highlighters Set. I think these things are so adorable. I have no idea when I’ll ever use them, but the faces on them are just precious and they are decent little markers.  The Ghost Family Pen is funny. I use pens all the time at work and at home, so I’ll definitely get some actual use out of it, but lately I’ve just been using its face to peek around corners and make my boyfriend laugh.


This is what the inside of the marker looks like. I like the blue one’s face the best 😀IMG_4512

Out of everything I got in this month’s box, though, I’d have to say that the Korean Deco Tape Set is my favorite. I mean, how cute are these tiny rolls of tape with tiny dispensers?!  My dolls can actually use these as props, hehehe.  I’ve already put the 3D Panda Card Sticker in my wallet in one of the credit card slots. 🙂


The tape patterns are cute too and will be great to close up cards or envelops. I hate licking envelops.IMG_4515

These are the cute little Pastel Hair Loops & Pins.  I can see myself wearing these when K and I go out, probably not work attire appropriate, but I’d definitely wear them out. They are even small enough that I think I could use them on my dolls.  Yeah, I know, me and my dolls…


Lastly, these two little keyring cuties.  The one on the top is the Kawaii Face Mini Purse and the one on the bottom is the Emoticon Squishy Charm, which looks more like Mochi to me. I love putting the squishy charms Kawaii box gives me on my purses. I think people enjoy seeing them when I go out. The little purse is neat and I’ve been keeping my carwash change in it 🙂


Overall, this month’s box was really fun and definitely worth the amount you’d pay for it. It’s always really fun to open these boxes and see what surprises are waiting in side.

Now, for the Giveaway!  It’s very simple, just click on the picture or link below and enter the Kawaii Box Giveaway 🙂 I think you just need either an email or Facebook account to enter. The more items you complete, the more entries you will earn. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Click on the Picture Below to enter the Kawaii Box Giveaway



Or click here if that doesn’t work. You only have about 19 days to enter, so get to it!

Thanks for reading and entering!

Additional Links:

Kawaii Box on Facebook

The Kawaii Box Website

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Kawaii Box on Twitter



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