Etude House Pink Bird Box July 2015

Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far.  The weather here is just gorgeous and only moments ago I got home from washing my car. I love to do that on a hot summer day.   Continue reading


Etude House Pink Bird Box June 2015

Hello everyone! Today is very beautiful here in Southern Indiana. The temperature is just right and there’s a bit of an overcast, so it’s just the perfect brightness outside.

Etude House, which you can visit at the global site, was very generous again this month in the Pink Bird Box.  I feel like this one was even more unique than the last one I received, but equally as lovely.  I think I forgot to mention this previously, but Etude House is cruelty free, which is only part of the reason why I love them so much!  Thank you Etude House for not testing on animals. Also, they ship internationally! Continue reading

I’m A Pink Bird! Etude House Pink Bird Box May 2015

I have some really exciting news in my life right now.  I was waiting until I posted this review to tell you all and it’s taken me awhile to write this one post, but I finally am ready to reveal this awesome news.  I was chosen by ETUDE HOUSE global, based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (South Korea), to be a Pink Bird! Continue reading

My Korean Makeup Collection

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am drawn to Korean skincare and Korean makeup. I find K-beauty products to be of much higher quality than American drugstore brands and even some luxury brands.  I’m much more willing to pay for Korean makeup and skincare because I know I am paying for quality and I’m getting the look I want. Continue reading

[Review] Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #3 Transparent Nymph

I was pretty excited to try the Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer because I am always looking for having that dewy glow when it comes to makeup. I never want to have cakey-looking makeup and having skin that tends to be on the dry-side, that is something that I sometimes struggle with. I also lean toward Korean makeup-trends and dewy is definitely a Korean makeup trend right now.   Continue reading

[Review] Etude House Total Age Repair Wrinkle Reduce BB Cream

This is where I get ready in the morning. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂 It’s not a vanity, but a weird, black glass table I took from my dad’s house. I think it’s pretty unique and I love it and wanted to share a bit about my everyday life through this picture 🙂
Continue reading

Gifts From Korea

K returned home from Korea a little over a week ago.  It’s always weird when he leaves and the adjustment period for when he comes back is a bit strange and uncomfortable. I was kind of nervous about him coming back and seeing him again. Even though we’ve been together so long and see each other nearly every day when he’s here, it’s still a strange thing to experience.  Continue reading