Cat 101: The Basics of Living with Humans

I just finished watching the new “Dear Kitten Video“.  I’m a huge fan of those videos. They are hilarious, adorable, and spot on.  Cats are so quirky and eccentric and that’s probably what I love most about them.  They are incredibly clever animals and even though they get a bad wrap for being distant and unaffectionate, that stereotype is just not true.  You do have to win their trust and affection, but when you do, they will be your close companion for life.   Continue reading


My Multicultural Household

My household is a fusion of Korean and American culture and a little bit of something unique that I can’t quite put my finger on.

K, my significant other of nearly 8 years, is from Seoul, South Korea (the Republic of Korea).  I am from a little town in Southern Indiana famous for being the set of a couple of 90’s movies, but not much else.   Continue reading

The Meaning Behind My New Header Image


I am so in love with this new header image.  A fellow blogger and friend, Diana, had it illustrated for me!  She is an incredible lady and gets the opportunity to travel all over the world and share her adventures.  Her header is actually another illustration by the same artist. Continue reading

Some of the Coziest Things Around My Home

None of you have really seen my home, which is actually a small, one bedroom apartment located in the middle of a wooded area.  I actually have a stream below my balcony in the woods, but the trees are so overgrown right now that you can’t see it.  The other day it was raining and our woods looked like Jurassic Park.  I actually expected to see a T-Rex poking its head through the branches.  Thank goodness, I did not. Continue reading

I Feel Like Things Are Getting Better

It is really, really cold today. When I woke up, it was -11 degrees F outside! My car was struggling to start. I am just counting the days until spring, so I wanted my featured image to be one of springtime and of my favorite herb, lavender 🙂 I think it’s lavender anyway, but it might be that tricky flower that looks like lavender. Well, you get my point.
Continue reading

Keeping Positive During The Ugly Winter

I hear all the time that I spoil my cat.  I actually do agree with this. I spend more on his needs than on my own and I’m fine with that. I just love going into Petsmart and picking up things for him. He got a lot of stuff yesterday, as you can see from the picture 😀  I actually love to spoil him. My thinking is, if you adopt a pet, then why not spoil it?   Continue reading

Why Everyone Needs A Cat

I know, some of you are going to be thinking, “I’m just not a cat person,” and that’s ok. You can think that. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion.  That being said, you are totally wrong.  There is no such thing, in my opinion, as a cat person and a dog person. Let’s stop using these labels, please!  Not all cats are the same and this is true for dogs as well. I had a dog, Angel, who lived to be about 17 years old. Continue reading

When Seoul Meets Indiana Part 2

I was reminded today of a post I wrote in 2013 called When Seoul Meets Indiana.  I totally forgot about this post and after rereading it today, I had a good laugh and actually teared up a bit. It was good to remember some of what I wrote and it inspired me to write a second post regarding the same subject: my international relationship with K.  Continue reading

Gifts From Korea

K returned home from Korea a little over a week ago.  It’s always weird when he leaves and the adjustment period for when he comes back is a bit strange and uncomfortable. I was kind of nervous about him coming back and seeing him again. Even though we’ve been together so long and see each other nearly every day when he’s here, it’s still a strange thing to experience.  Continue reading