October Updates

It’s been awhile. Days go by and then weeks go by and before I realize it, months have passed. I apologize for neglecting my blog for so long. Oh well, life moves on sometimes and that’s ok.

I have been doing well, I think, now that I’ve quite taking medication. I’ve been learning how to cope with some of my issues without relying on any substance to numb it all. There are some things that have really been positive about this experience. I have lost about 15 lbs, which for me was the difference between being healthy and overweight for my size. I actually have the willpower to not overeat I’m honestly much happier with my appearance. I don’t have the endless appetite anymore and my blood sugar levels seem to be steady. I had so much trouble with blood sugar fluctuations and it made me really hungry all the time. As soon as I stopped taking sertraline, that issue totally stopped. I don’t know if there is a relationship, but it’s certainly something I’ve noticed. 

The major negative is that I’m again grouchy more often than not. I have to be very aware of how and what I’m saying now. I was a much nicer person on medication. It’s a give and take I suppose. I just need to work on being less of a grouch all the time. 

I have actually started writing fiction again, something I haven’t done for years. I don’t really like to talk specifics about what I’m writing because I feel like that will jinx it and I’ll never finish, but I have been planning and writing nearly every day. I’m proud of myself actually. 

That’s what’s new with me. I’m off to read the comments I’ve been neglecting all these months. 



No More Meds!

Hello everyone 🙂

In my last post, I mentioned that I have some kind of big news to share. Well, here it is: I’m officially medication free!  It took a month, but I finally stopped taking sertraline (aka Zoloft) and my oral contraceptives (aka tri-sprintec) and I have not felt this great in years.  I chose to stop medication because I felt it was no longer doing what I wanted it to do.  Yes, it took the edge off, but eventually for me the side-effects outweighed any benefit I was experiencing anymore.  I am now in a stable work environment with a cozy, daily routine, so my anxiety has been much better than it was when I was in college. Continue reading

I’m Coping


I have been coping remarkably well with the change in seasons this year.  The transition from summer to fall happened really slowly for us and I still don’t even really feel like it’s been that cold.  I’m not sure what that means for later on in the winter, probably it will be a long and cold one, but so far so good.  I’ve found a new hobby, if you couldn’t tell.  I’ve been getting in touch with my inner kiddult and am finding how much I enjoy collecting dolls.  I actually just got one back today from getting its face painted and I’ll very happily show you it sometime this week. Continue reading

Japan Candy Box August 2015 Review and Giveaway!


Hello everyone!

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Japan Candy Box on a review and giveaway for you all!  I’m very happy to bring giveaways to my readers because I feel like it’s the least I can do for you.  If there is something that you would like me to giveaway, please send me an email or comment below and I’ll do my best to host one for you.   Continue reading

I Actually Love October


I forgot how beautiful October is.  This is probably the only month in the “colder” months that I like.  I live in a place where we have many beautiful, changing trees this time of year.  My city is surrounded by state forest on all sides, so it’s really gorgeous right now.  I’m definitely sad about summer being over, but it’s still very warm right now and there isn’t much humidity, so it’s more enjoyable to be outside.  K and I decided to go to the golf course yesterday, where I took the leaf pictures.  Continue reading

Antigone’s Beautiful Coat Dress by Plum Blossom’s Closet on Etsy


I am in love with my resin ball jointed doll (BJD) Antigone. As I’ve said before, she was totally handmade, from design to the finishing touches, by Satoshi, the owner and designer of Aerial BJD. Please visit Aerial BJD on Etsy and favorite the shop. It’s important to support incredibly artists like this, even if it’s just by favoriting a shop. Continue reading

Comfortable, Trendy Pants from Nata Fashion


I stumbled across Nata Fashion during one of my many late night “window” shopping excursions on my phone.  It’s not often that you will find shops that sell handmade clothing, especially not in the US from my experience, and when I found Nata Fashion, I was so impressed with the style and quality of the clothing they were selling. Continue reading

Adorable 60s Mod Dress from Carmella’s Vintage


I mentioned in a previous post that I’m kind of a vintage convert now, meaning that I see why it is so fun to wear vintage things!  If you are unsure of buying vintage or just have never really thought of it, think about these few things: Continue reading

A Rough Day

Today was not a good day for me and my anxiety.  We had an epic battle.  There are sick people at work and while I like this people and consider them my friends, I can’t get past the illness.  I expected that she was coming back to work today, so I took an Airborne tablet and a multivitamin beforehand.  Even if those things don’t do anything, they make me feel better.   Continue reading