April 2016 Kawaii Box Review + Giveaway!


Hello Everyone 🙂

I know I have been MIA for sometime now, but I have never been truly away. I’m always here, lurking around. Summertime is good to me.  I have some major, personal news to share, but I’m working on a separate post for that. It is forthcoming, hopefully within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I wanted to write a review and host a giveaway for everyone that is hanging in there and who has always supported my little blog. I just want those of you who comment to know, I do read all comments even if it takes me a bit to reply.

Kawaii Box was very generous and asked me to review another of their monthly subscription boxes. I was happy to do so because this is one of my favorite subscription boxes out there! It’s fairly inexpensive and comes with tons of cute little things, most of which I’ve never even seen before. (Keep reading to the end for the giveaway)! Continue reading


A Stunning BJD Mori Girl Set by GGDoll Fashions


Galina Schoettger, owner and creator of GGDollFashions on Etsy, is well known for her BJD fashion designs across Asia.  She specializes in handmade, silk Kimono and Lolita Fashion for BJD, but also loves to create historical pieces as well.  She creates BJD clothing for 1/3 sized dolls and 1/4 sized dolls.  Recently, Galina has begun creating Mori fashion for BJDs. Continue reading

SweetNDoll BJD Box Opening


In the past 6 months, I have come to love doll collecting, something that I’ve actually done my entire life, but only recently got back into.  I think they call this being a “kiddult” 🙂 Or maybe it’s just weird.  Call it what you may, but something I have come to realize is that I found how to use my imagination again and how to enjoy creating things again, which are things I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid.  I hated that feeling of not being able to “play” anymore and really, really missed that awesome feeling of getting lost in another world like I used to when I played with dolls as a kid.  When I was really small, I played with babies. Continue reading

My Custom Hujoo Albu from Mimiwoo


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was sent a beautiful and unique anthro doll from Mimiwoo.com.  An anthro doll is one that has human and animal features.  This is particular doll is called Albu (Hujoo Albu) and was made in a special collaboration between Mimiwoo and Hujoo, a Korean BJD company that specializes in BJDs of different materials, not just resin.   Continue reading

Antigone Wears a Camisole by Lovesprung


Lovesprung is a lovely dolly boutique on Etsy.  I have long since admired Lovesprung’s uniquely fashionable BJD clothes.  I fell in love with this Windowpane patterned crop top and skirt set.  It’s simply gorgeous. If Lovesprung made clothing in my size, then I’d definitely wear them.  Lovesprung is owned and operated by Aki, who has been very sweet and easy to work with. All the items in Lovesprung are handmade and come in limited quantities, so you know what you are getting is very unique in the BJD world.  I had the awesome opportunity to work with Aki. She was very generous in sending me a beautiful camisole for my darling Antigone from Aerial BJD. Continue reading

Wigs from Facets By Marcia


Facets by Marcia is well-known around the BJD community for its great selection of BJD wigs, jewelry, shoes, and many more accessories for dolls of a variety of sizes, not just BJDs.  Facets by Marcia has an awesome wig shop that specializes in Monique wigs.  Most of the Monique wigs are made of synthetic mohair and in case you’ve never felt real or synthetic mohair, you should know that it is incredibly soft and natural looking.   Continue reading

Sparkling BJD Eyes by SHeyes: A Review


As you have already noticed, I’ve been really getting into doll collecting and, most recently, I’ve discovered the world of ball jointed dolls (BJD).  I recently bought/adopted a Peak’s Woods Lady Bee, which is a 1/4 sized BJD. She is currently out getting a new face (faceup) from someone I’ve gotten to know recently.  Anyway, I wasn’t too happy with this dolls eyes either. Continue reading

Silicone Molds by MoldMuse Review: Part 2


As promised in an earlier post, here is the second part to the MoldMuse review.  Here I am going to show you what I created and how the process was for me.

I had a ton of fun using the molds sent to me by MoldMuse.  I really love using molds when working with polymer clay because it just makes the process a lot more rewarding for me. I think since I like to have things perfect that molds are the best way to achieve this when working with something as malleable as polymer clay.   Continue reading

Clothes for Pullip and Tangkou by Karyn Ruby Designs


I had the wonderful chance to meet the owner and creator of KarynRuby Designs on Etsy.  Karyn is a very talented lady and she is well known for her vintage-style mohair stuffed animal creations, as well as her handmade, vintage-style doll clothing.  She specializes in Blythe, Tangkou, and Pullip clothing.   Continue reading