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10 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. My friend Megan
    I have a problem that I cannot get an answer to and thought that maybe you and/or K could help?
    I have been getting someone or ones from Korea, writing in Korean asking about my people and the movie the last of the Mohicans for some time now, I can get Bing to translate and see what they are writing about only I cannot find a place on their website to answer them?
    I am not ever sure if they require help?

    The Last Of The Mohican 영화에 나왔던 Uncas (웅카스) 뜻 tae**** 질문 4건 질문마감률0% 2007.06.05 00:26 추천 수 1
    답변 1 조회 1,213
    안녕하세요 ^^ 어디에 찾아바도 나오질 않아서 글 올립니다.
    1992년 영화 The Last Of The Mohican에 나왔던 인디안 모히칸족 아들역을 맡았던 Eric Schweig (에릭 슈웨이그의) 영화안의 배역 이름이 uncas(웅카스) 인데….
    인디안어 인듯 하네요 제가 알기론 인디안의 이름이 특이해서 Uncas(웅카스) 이름 뜻을
    알고 싶어서 그럽니다.
    아시는 분 있으시면 부디 좀 답변 부탁합니다…..
    신고 의견 1
    질문자 채택이 되지 않은 경우, 질문 최종 수정일 기준으로 15일 경과되어 추가 답변 등록이 불가합니다.

    Sachem Walkingfox at sachemspeaks

    1. Hello friend 🙂

      It has been so long! I’m very glad to hear from you 🙂 I could translate this myself, but it would probably not be 100% accurate, so I’m going to let Won look at it and translate it for you, if that’s ok? I emailed him now the message, so he should be getting back with me sometime soon. Also, I think he wouldn’t mind translating anything you want to reply back in Korean, if you would like 🙂 Thanks for asking! He will gladly do this.


      1. Haha! I was basically bored last night and all my blogging friends are from Europe right now, so there was no one to talk to. I thought we might be friends.

        If you have Skype, add me using the address that you see when I post (tell me you are Megan because I don’t allow strangers on my list). Otherwise send me an email so we can see what works best.

  2. I am very motivated by the content of your blog. The amazing optimism it has, I totally liked this! Kudos! 🙂

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