Antigone Wears a Camisole by Lovesprung


Lovesprung is a lovely dolly boutique on Etsy.  I have long since admired Lovesprung’s uniquely fashionable BJD clothes.  I fell in love with this Windowpane patterned crop top and skirt set.  It’s simply gorgeous. If Lovesprung made clothing in my size, then I’d definitely wear them.  Lovesprung is owned and operated by Aki, who has been very sweet and easy to work with. All the items in Lovesprung are handmade and come in limited quantities, so you know what you are getting is very unique in the BJD world.  I had the awesome opportunity to work with Aki. She was very generous in sending me a beautiful camisole for my darling Antigone from Aerial BJD. Continue reading


Wigs from Facets By Marcia


Facets by Marcia is well-known around the BJD community for its great selection of BJD wigs, jewelry, shoes, and many more accessories for dolls of a variety of sizes, not just BJDs.  Facets by Marcia has an awesome wig shop that specializes in Monique wigs.  Most of the Monique wigs are made of synthetic mohair and in case you’ve never felt real or synthetic mohair, you should know that it is incredibly soft and natural looking.   Continue reading

Sparkling BJD Eyes by SHeyes: A Review


As you have already noticed, I’ve been really getting into doll collecting and, most recently, I’ve discovered the world of ball jointed dolls (BJD).  I recently bought/adopted a Peak’s Woods Lady Bee, which is a 1/4 sized BJD. She is currently out getting a new face (faceup) from someone I’ve gotten to know recently.  Anyway, I wasn’t too happy with this dolls eyes either. Continue reading

My Interview with Alen Standish at Inner Effort Podcast

Hello my dear friends 🙂

I was recently asked by Alen Standish at Inner Effort, a site and podcast, to do a podcast interview.  I was really nervous to do this, but was so happy that I actually did it!  I just listened to it myself and it actually turned out really well.  It’s very professional and well put together 🙂 Continue reading

I’m Coping


I have been coping remarkably well with the change in seasons this year.  The transition from summer to fall happened really slowly for us and I still don’t even really feel like it’s been that cold.  I’m not sure what that means for later on in the winter, probably it will be a long and cold one, but so far so good.  I’ve found a new hobby, if you couldn’t tell.  I’ve been getting in touch with my inner kiddult and am finding how much I enjoy collecting dolls.  I actually just got one back today from getting its face painted and I’ll very happily show you it sometime this week. Continue reading

Silicone Molds by MoldMuse Review: Part 2


As promised in an earlier post, here is the second part to the MoldMuse review.  Here I am going to show you what I created and how the process was for me.

I had a ton of fun using the molds sent to me by MoldMuse.  I really love using molds when working with polymer clay because it just makes the process a lot more rewarding for me. I think since I like to have things perfect that molds are the best way to achieve this when working with something as malleable as polymer clay.   Continue reading

Clothes for Pullip and Tangkou by Karyn Ruby Designs


I had the wonderful chance to meet the owner and creator of KarynRuby Designs on Etsy.  Karyn is a very talented lady and she is well known for her vintage-style mohair stuffed animal creations, as well as her handmade, vintage-style doll clothing.  She specializes in Blythe, Tangkou, and Pullip clothing.   Continue reading

A Gorgeous Renaissance Gown by Handmade By HOOH


I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jane, the owner and creator of Handmade By HOOH, an Etsy shop that sells handmade, quality BJD clothing.  Jane is incredibly talented and was generous enough to make an Italian Renaissance-style gown for my 1/4 sized ball jointed doll.  The doll this is meant for is still being created, but I have another 1/4 doll that will be modeling it today 🙂 Continue reading

Etude House October 2015 Pink Bird Box


I really enjoyed this month’s Etude House Pink Bird box! It has some adorable Halloween items as well as two lipsticks to celebrate Etude’s 10th anniversary 🙂

Here is a look at everything I received this month: Continue reading